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Weekend with friends

Posted Apr 5th, 2005 at 07:12 AM by

This weekend, some friends came over to sleep here. It was funny. Saterday was a bright sunny day and we've been to Ghent to do some shopping and then we've made a 1h boat-trip on the little rivers in Ghent! That's a really beautiful city! I'd love to live there! Then we came back and went to Geraardsbergen where we climbed "de muur" and at the top of it, we've eaten an ice-cream in a restaurant. When we came back home, we all went in my bedroom and watched Kim's final against Maria which I had recorded. Then, we played some games and slept together (3 of us) in my bed. (I put 'slept' in bold because we only slept and haven't done any other thing )

On Sunday, we got up late, then played at "Smashcourt Pro Tournament 2", made some shopping, did some sport, watched the end of "Le Tour des Flandres" which was won by Tom Boonen After that, we went back in Brussels where we've drunk some cocktails at a friend's place with some guys he had met the night before (gays ) Well it was funny as out of those 3 guys, I knew 2 of them because they go to the same uni as I do Anyway, then it was the release party of Mylène Farmer's new album and after that, it was the "Playboy" party at Le Cabaret! A lot of people! The atmosphere was as hot as it was outside all day long
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    Re: Weekend with friends

    hey Axel, heb net je blog ontdekt! Hoe kan ik dat allemaal geloven? Met zijn drieën in 1 bed en er is niks gebeurd? Lijkt heel ongeloofwaardig voor jou :p ;)
    Posted Apr 14th, 2005 at 12:27 PM by Svennovitch
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