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Posted Apr 2nd, 2005 at 08:21 AM by

This weekend, in France (ok I am not French, but I watch French tv stations so I see their programs ) there's gonna be the Aids Weekend.

I just want this entry to tell to everybody to protect him/herself!!! Even if everyone knows it, I think we never say it enough!

Personnaly, I am not infected, but I already made an HIV test because unfortunately while I was having sex with someone, the condom broke and we didn't felt it... Imagine how scared we were after that! Even if we imagined that we were safe, only a blood test can tell you whether it's true or not!

While waiting for the blood test result, I had been living with some stress and fears because I was frightned of the result! What if the other had lied?

Anyway, it made me realised how much the condoms are important! I've never had sex without a condom and I'll never have sex without it!

So, have always them with you!! Fuck aids!
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