Opening entry of my blog.... -
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Opening entry of my blog....

Posted Apr 1st, 2005 at 08:30 PM by

Goodevening everybody!

So this is my first blog ever... I am gonna open it with the description of my overbooked day LMAO

So I got up at 7.40AM... the first thing I did was checking on the VRT Teletext to see Kim's result, what was my surprise to see she won Then, I drove my parents to the village center where they left with some friends for France... So I am all alone at home this weekend... well "all alone"

After that, I went back home, watched Kim's match... She is so great! Then, I called up my bestfriend, whose parents left with my parents, and she went to buy some bread... filled with chocolate FANTASTIC!!! In the mean time, I had been able to practise my language skills "Goeiedag mevrouw, is dat chocolade? hum, ik zal een chocoladebrood nemen dan" Anyway, then I came back home and I prepared the lunch.... Chicken balls with sour and sugar saus (do you call it like that???) and some rice I wanted to watch my fave broadcast at the same time but "thanks" to the Pope... it was deleted due to the flashnews.... Anyway, then I tried to study some informatic a little bit.... bue I don't like it So after 2 hours, I stopped and watched a video Then, I took my bicycle and left for a 2 hours trip in the belgians hills with my bestfriend..

After that, a good bath and then watching tv and going on the net... so nothing special... tomorrow I am going to Gent to do some shopping with my friends and they'll stay over at home for the night

Goodnight folks!
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