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I Know .........

Posted Mar 8th, 2006 at 08:23 AM by

I know that someday I'm gonna die, and I know that before I die two things will happen to me. Number one I would regret my entire life, and number two I would want to live my life all over again. I heard that quote once, and it's the way I feel right now. I regret pretty much my entire life, and I want to live my life all over again, both the good parts and the bad parts. I regret so much in my life, and now days I just think back to those things and wish that I had done this or I said that or I didn't do something. It's so easy to say a few words to someone, to tell them something you really want to tell them, but because you didn't, you're left thinking to yourself "what would've happened if I said that?" It's better to get a knock back then what it is to just live your life just thinking about it and wondering. Now it's too late to tell someone what I think of them, or what I really wanted to do with them. There are some who I can't talk to anymore because they are no longer living, and some who I just don't talk to as much. Some have gone back interstate or overseas, and when I talk to them nowdays, I can't bring myself to telling them what I feel about them or what I would've wanted to do when I was with them. I think back to the good times, and how I never ever wanted those moments to finish and that I just want to live those times over again because you won't have them again. To just be in the arms of someone you love, or just those days of waking up in bed next to most wonderful person ever is something which really does come around not too often. There are those times where you could be having a great party or a great dinner either with a group of friends or just with one person. You want to keep on talking to them or so, even though the chairs a long packed and the staff or so are wanting to leave. It's those moments which I love and never ever want to end. I want to live out the bad times also, because those times made me a stronger person. Also if I was to live out those times again, I would do things differently, so I wouldn't upset or shock those people who I hold close to my heart and did see me do things which I shouldn't have done infront of them, or stuff which I said to them. There's stuff which I held as a secret for so long, maybe only telling a few people. If I had that time again, I would have done things differently so then it would stay great or so, not ending up in tears.
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