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Looking Back at the Past So Much

Posted Dec 23rd, 2008 at 04:55 AM by

I've been looking back at the past so much lately. Of course Sunday was 3 years since I last saw Jannie, and no matter that people say, it's not something you get over that quick.

Been thinking back to 4 years a bit, when I finished my first degree, and now looking at how it is after finishing this one the other month. Also 3 years back, 6 years back with me finishing school, buying The Holy Bible by Manic Street Preachers, cricket, Best of's by both U2 and Manic Street Preachers, and also looking back at 7 years, when Jannie and I were starting things up, I was working leading up to Xmas (I actually went back there today to do some shopping) and just obsessed with England v India in the cricket (and the two teams are playing right now!)

But what I've been thinking about a lot of late, and somewhat this year is 10 years ago, 1998. I was really obssesed with football back then (and am still), and was getting all psyched about the World Cup, and remember watching all of these games, and enjoying Fantasy World Cup Live on TV. During the middle of this year, during Euro 2008, I did think back to it a bit, and was gonna get out the old videos from it, but due to contraints with uni work and stuff, I didn't! But I think the thing I look back most from that year, is the end of it. Getting all excited about Playstation stuff, playing this demo disc all the time (I even got it out the other day), and some of the music. It's 10 years since I became a Manics fan, and also at that stage I was listening to an album by one of my favourite Aussie bands, Cold Chisel, which I would listen to all the time, and has become a summer must for me to listen to. And then there's B*Witched. Yes, I was (and stil am), a fan of the Irish 4. I remember Rollercoaster was number 1, and I just loved them. I've even been watching their videos from the CD's lately, and listening to the album. They were the first crush that I actually told family about, all the rest I would just keep to myself, because 98% of the time my brother like the same, but not this time! And even though it wasn't until early 99 that came out, I still just think back about it, and can't believe it's 10 years, and how I just wish I could go back. Life was more simple then, had a good wide selection of friends, some people I know now I didn't know (no offence to them though! ) some people who I would have bigger relationships with in the future were still just friends, or casual relations. But it just doesn't seem that long ago. It just seems like yesterday I was playing FFVII on the Playstation, and listening to B*Witched, the best of 80-90 U2, Cold Chisel - The Last Wave of Summer, and being crazy over South Park. Life was just so simple back then, and I wish it was simple now
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