Strange Days Indeed -
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Strange Days Indeed

Posted Apr 6th, 2008 at 05:28 AM by

Well, things have got strange for me the last week or so since Iraq fell through. After getting myself all prepared for it, and not going, it leaves you feeling somewhat confused. It's been strange for me, because of thinking about, and things with uni. Uni is going OK, but it's just so strange that with the people in my class, I don't really know, because I only did two classes with them last semester, and now I'm going 3 this semester, but there's no real connection, like in the past. Maybe because I'm older then them all, and by 4 or even 5 years!

It was strange for me the other day, April 1, it was 3 years since Jannie rang me up and told me that she wanted to come around earlier the next night to talk to me about something (something that I thought was an April Fool's Day prank, but fucking hell it wasn't!), and of course the second of April was when I found out she was moving. That still plays on your mind a bit, because it's a big life changer. It was kind of funny, I don't know if I'm heading into breakdown mode or so, but I actually did some April Fool's jokes on people. Some were in the cricket thread here that I made, some at uni (like I'm a Scientologist), and even some on other friends (like that I don't think that Nicky Hilton is hot anymore!) I actually went out on a date last night, my first real date in just over a year Sure I was still going out with Carmen, and then there was Chloe and Chantal, but they weren't real dates. The girl I went out with last night was nice, but I'm not sure if I want a relationship right now.
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