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Hope today's a Good Day-First Blog

Posted Jun 28th, 2006 at 05:15 PM by

My first blog .... I guess this is a journel and u just put whatever.... So yeah, umm I hope todays a good day. It seems nice out, I mean considering it's been raining the last like 3 days or so.

Right now, I'm just goin through my to-do list and I really have to email someone @ www.craiglist.com today. I need a job oh so bad... Waiting for mom to give me money every Friday is getting a little annoying I just wanna make my own money for god sakes. And I should be I'm a 20 years old college student. It's about time. But it doesn't help when everyplace u go they need to have someone who's extremely experienced in whatever. So after I email someone, I really should go out job hunting. Maybe fill out a couple of job applications in the area.

Hmmmmmm.... what else do I need to do.. Oh yeah start my sketches. I really need to get some work done, I haven't picked up a pencil since school got out so it's about time I get to work. I really have to find my target market( where my work will have the most success). I think my best bet is to illustrate for the educational market. Because I like kids and I'd love to take part in educating kids to make the right decissions in life. I think if I stick to my cartooney style and keep on making progress on the computer, I can get to where I should be as a Senior.

Also on the to-do list is. Working out. I've been pretty good with it the last couple of months or so. I mean considering I can't run cuz of that damn tendonitis. So right after I'm dun righting this, I should start.

So yeah if I get this stuff done, today will be a good day. But it would also help if my favorites did well today @ Wimby. I'm not worried about Haas', Hingis' or Safina's match, I think they can win their matches pretty comfortably. I hope Ai get's through in 2.. She needs an easy win 4 a change. But the one I'm most nervous about is Daniela's match vs. Jackson. Everyones picking Jackson, but I think she can pullthrough if she plays well. But that's the thing she needs to bring her A game. Something she's had trouble with of late. But if she won it would totally make my day

Okay, I guess I'm dun.....
Until next time
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