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Back from exam

Posted Sep 21st, 2006 at 10:45 PM by

I am back from my exam. Well...I was here yesterday night but I felt like an onion smashed into to wall, so I had no chance of writing here with at least a bit of sense

So. I came to Lublin at 3.30 pm cet on Tuesday, and my trip from Suwałki took me 9 hours. I felt extremely tired so I was like "fuck you history" and I went to sleep. I got up at 6 am just to revise questions from "0" exam, and of course my love to history wasn't even a centimeter bigger

At 7.00 I went for the bus and I get to my Uni at...7.05 It was funny cause I forgot that my bus goes through the street that was already renovated (It was closed when I was at Uni in June). Of course noone was there, only me, and people passing by to the school which is nearby.

Around 8 one of my friends came and we talked, and also smoked together (as usual ). Of course "fuck you history" mood stayed inside us and did not wanna go out. So we were there till 8.40 and then we came to the building. Exam started at 9, and it was a funny story

My lecturer asked 2 people to pass the tests to the students. I was close so I went and was given those sheets of paper. Also my friend from Uni - Anita - came with me. I was given exactly the same questions as on "0" exam and she got others. So I passed the tests to the part when I sat. Of course I wrote it all, but the results will be available on Tuesday. I will be stressed till then.

After the exam we went to the "Hollywood pub" 5 minutes from my Uni's building. Then we drank some coffee, smoked some ciggaretes, and came out. I went to the bus station, and I got a phone call from Sylwia (also girl from my year) who asked what the question were, cause she has to pass it in 2 days. Then, she came to the bus station and I gave her questions + answers. I nearly missed my last bus home

I came back at 11 pm, but i was satisfied. I will be waiting patiently till Tuesday
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    pla's Avatar

    Re: Back from exam

    I am sure you passed it , especially if you got the 0 exam questions

    but even if you didn't it's not the end
    Posted Sep 21st, 2006 at 10:59 PM by pla pla is offline
    Chris 84's Avatar

    Re: Back from exam

    I'm sure you passed too
    Posted Sep 21st, 2006 at 11:01 PM by Chris 84 Chris 84 is offline
    Epigone's Avatar

    Re: Back from exam

    I'm also sure that you passed
    Posted Sep 22nd, 2006 at 02:41 AM by Epigone Epigone is offline

    Re: Back from exam

    :awww: You felt like an onion smashed into to wall! :lol: :rolls: :hug: Like I've said, ajmo results and don't worry, you're gonna :rocker2:! :D :yeah: :kiss:
    Posted Sep 25th, 2006 at 10:47 PM by Kimdsay
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