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Yay for Xmas Break =)

Posted Dec 20th, 2007 at 07:16 AM by

Woah haven't written since blogs were down.

Anyways, whee thank god it's Christmas break! I have a new computer and new iPod! They've made life so much better. Everything happens so fast now on the computer. And now with my iPod touch I don't have to be so embarrassed to show my music player in the public anymore.

This year has been so much better too. Even though i'm staying up until about 1 AM every night, I still feel so much better in class even if i'm a little sleepier. Not signing into MSN during school days was quite difficult but I just don't sign in and then my grades went like . Except it's not looking bright for next year as i'm only taking one AP this year and i'm already having late nights. Oh well, as long as my grades are good!

And then the last week before break I worked backstage for our Student Directed Showcase production and although I got home at about 10 PM every evening it was so fun! The 4 plays I crewed for were amazing and so hilarious even if it required so much moving of things. Oh yes and everybody should go watch a performance of Wanda's Visit by Christopher Durang because it is hilarious, even if it is a little edgy.

Oh yes and i'm so excited for going to Wang LeeHom's San Francisco concert because he's one of my uber favorite Asian singers and my friends are going too. It was a nice early Christmas present to myself.

Well anyway i'm so happy I have a nice 2 week period to be able to sit down and have time to do things like talk to friends on MSN and post nice photo manips on deviantART. So I hope everybody who has break right now is also enjoying their precious time off and getting enough sleep and doing tons of Christmas shopping to get fully submerged into the holiday mood.
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