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Moral Superiority...

Posted Feb 25th, 2007 at 11:11 AM by

Ok so basically I have been told I am the "Moral Superiority" for all my friends... I mean sure it sounds like it should be a compliment but does it just mean that I am such a goodie-to-shoes that they think I can do no wrong?

For regular readers of this here blog (omg that sounds so gay OMG I've been with my nephew too much ) You may remember a while ago I asked the question about if your girlfriend cheated on you with another girl... Well that whole situation got more complicated for me when the boyfriend had told me (girlfriend didn't know I knew) and then the person who she cheated with also told me (girlfriend (who is my best friend btw, as is her boyfriend) still didn't know I knew)... The one person I wanted to talk to about it was the one who didn't know

ANYWAY, at a party the other week my best friend FINALLY told me (coz her boyfriend, finally told her I knew) and she said she was sooooooooooo worred about telling me coz I am like everyone's "Moral Superiority" so coz she did something wrong she is more worried about my reaction then any ones!

I'm somewhat flattered but my god what a responsibilty now, if I fugg up and do something stupid thats gonna totally mess with people's heads
I already knew a few of my friends "look up to me" coz they have said that, but to be labelled with such a position is

so now all is good btw, she apologised immensely to me & everything I wanted to yell at her about was gone... and I believe an engagement is on the way too

On a somewhat unrelated note... That same night that she told me, I discovered the wonders of beer Good beer not the crappy stuff I have tried before
And I got hit on by some sleazy bastard at a club too, I was sooooo close to punching him as well, blah!!!

I think that will be all for this entry
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    Re: Moral Superiority...

    Yeah, good beer...
    Posted Feb 26th, 2007 at 04:15 PM by BUBI BUBI is offline
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    Re: Moral Superiority...

    That's all Juha got out of this entry


    And I forgot what else was in this entry now
    You are like the leader of your friends from what I've seen so use that against them. (that is what this entry was about, right? )
    Posted Feb 28th, 2007 at 04:01 AM by Tsveti's#1Fan Tsveti's#1Fan is offline
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    Re: Moral Superiority...

    Oh, you are a good too-shoes and can do no wrong!!
    Posted Feb 28th, 2007 at 04:03 AM by Tsveti's#1Fan Tsveti's#1Fan is offline
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