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Posted Mar 12th, 2005 at 12:41 AM by

Okey... another boring Weekend.

Let's summarize what I have to do! (Using plural cause I have multiple personalities

I have to do a 5 minute Flash movie about the University of Utah for Tuesday for a competition.

I have to do a 30 seconds flash movie for my classroom project.

I have to finish a worksheet for my American History AP class.

I have to do study some physics this weekend for fun.

I have to cheer Maria

I have to do some Computer Science stuff at home.

I have to do an english essay.

I have to answer some computer tech stuff.

I have to study for the ACT test in April.

I have to prepare a campaign for my state officer campaign for Region Vice-President.

But the real question is... how committed am I?

I am actually not committed to anything. My ear hurts, I am hungry, I feel lazy, and the stress is killing me.

What could I do?
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    Princess Sarah.'s Avatar

    Re: Friday

    poor luis!!!!
    You shouldn't committ to so much
    but u work hard and u are one smart cookie! Always remember hard work pays off!
    Hang in there babe
    Posted Mar 14th, 2005 at 07:00 AM by Princess Sarah. Princess Sarah. is offline
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