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Road n00bs!

Posted Jul 21st, 2005 at 06:52 AM by

Well, to begin I had insomnia early today in the morning, so I stayed all night watching on Comcast on Dmenad videos about how to play tennis with Brad Gilbert, the Bryan brothersm Anna Kournikova, and Marissa Irvin.

I saw some tips for how to solidify my forehand and serve with the Bryan Brothers. I also saw how to do some good dropshots and practice elasticity. And to end with it I saw Marrissa Irvin doing quick recovery to the back, and Brad Gilbert wasn't happy with her technique. Thenceforth I slept.

Today I wake up and eat some cool beef soup. Then went to work at the World' First KFC... this peticular KFC we have a buffet which I had to close earlt at 10:30 or before... I finished at 12:00. My mom called worried about how was I cause she was worried. So I went home.

I was taking the street to get home when I regreted and decided to go faster, and go my way on the highway.

So I got into Southbound I-15 freeway at 80 mph(Note that the limit is 65 mph). Then I got into the ramp to get into Westbound I-215. There I went all the way up to 100 mph (again the speed limit is 65 mph). But then I got near the ramp.

So ther it was was... a Road n00b. What can we call a Road n00b? Well, I am not quite sure of how to define it, but I lean towards one of two. The first one is being an expert driver, and know all what you must do on the freeway, but in this case the driver is possesed and with his lokian brilliance he puts me along trials of patience for his false stupidity. The second one is just not knowing how to drive.

Well, this Road n00b begins by going at 50 mph at the freeway, which is quite imprudent considering that the place is solitary. Then in the ramp this driver goes with the right speed. Then we get off the ramp, along with the cars at the left that have the light with them. But then the n00b comes. He is on the street and stops to get to the lane at the left cause the right lane is closed, but the idiot stops to check traffic. I was so pissed off that I passed over him.

I don't lnow why Iam I making such a big deal about this, but something I am sure is that I am sleepy. I am the weakest link! Goodnight!
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