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Vamos Paris!

Posted Apr 19th, 2006 at 08:18 PM by


It's been like forever since I wrote a new entry for this blog. I am sorry for those who were looking forward to reading a new entry, but I kept you waiting. Yes, I know no one looked forward to it, so I don't feel sorry!

Anyways, I'll just fill you in!

My crush on this guy is dying out a bit. I think that is good, though I still really like him and it would take little for the crush to become bigger again. Oh well. But I promised Basti that he would be my new crush He's like one of the best guys ever In the midst of so many lame posters on WTAWorld, and the internet in general, it is always nice to find a nice, intelligent, good person. There are others too, of course James, Milan, most of the people that will comment on this blog It's a relief! You're a relief!

Why do the Spice Girls, in 2 Become 1 sing that boys and girls go good together? They must hate gays!


Today I got the tickets for Roland Garros! I will be there from Tuesday of qualifying to the first Tuesday of the main draw. I only got the tickets for Monday and Tuesday of main draw, cause I will get the others in the queue; I was told, and believe, that it is not necessary to get the tickets for qualifying that early in advance anyway. I really hope getting in for Benny Berthet Day (also final day of qualies) won't be a problem, as my order for that seems to have mysteriously vanished from the site

I will be going with Greg (^bibi^) and Jean (ToyBoy) all days, and we will share a hotel room near Saint Denis! And on Sunday, when we won't go to tennis cause there's like only twelve matches on three courts with mostly boring high-ranked players, I will force them to go to a Parisian Starbucks! I heard there are several near Les Halles, near Centre Pompidou. As I absolutely adore Starbucks, *gives his Starbucks mug a quick look*, I am almost looking forward to that as much as to the tennis Any tips or suggestions on what else to do that day, let me know!

I am really really excited about seeing all those players that I love! Mostly in qualifying, of course, including Meilen Shikha and Ludmila . I am really hoping for Carly to get in.. She is 16 places short now, but there will be quite some withdrawals and also WCs to players ahead of her on the list. So I am keeping my fingers crossed! On the men's side, there is no qualifying list yet. But men's tennis has been so weird lately, with Di Mauro, Pashanski, Berlocq in the Top 100 without having been really visible on the Tour last year. Yeah, I know they did well in Challengers [kinda la Gajdosova], but it's odd. And now this Monegasque Benjamin Balleret, who I had never heard of, qualified for Monte Carlo, crushed Christophe Rochus [] and beat Grosjean in three sets, after retirement. Sure, Federer will stop him, but it's so odd!

And I will get to see many new players for the first time

Schoolwise, it's going well. Too much work of course! I am behind with some courses (Human Geo and Political Theory.. Great! Can't be arsed to go read back on Rousseau and well for Human Geo she just gives too much work), but I have A or A+, don't know exactly, for both courses, and for my other two courses as well. It's only five more weeks, including this week. That is exciting, cause then I will almost leave straight for Paris, but also scary, cause there is so much work to be done... Just look and be scared:

- Conference Speech
- Essay 1
- Portfolio
- Research Paper for Stats
- Poster Presentation for Stats
- Research Paper for Human Geo
- Presentation for Human Geo
- Field Activity for Human Geo
- Final exam for Human Geo
- Final exam for Political Theory

That, of course, excludes all the reading etc. And I already had a presentation yesterday, on the lovely John Stuart Mill. Actually, he's quite interesting, but after a while all these dead political philosophers freak me out! But, even though it seems impossible to do so much work and stay alive at the same time, in the end, I know I will survive and then I have a huge ass break! I hope to work in a bank, but I am not sure yet if they will accept me.

Anyways, I will not bore you any longer

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    CooCooCachoo's Avatar

    Re: Vamos Paris!

    Oh! And it's absolutely great to see your own name on a ticket Very funny to see that
    Posted Apr 19th, 2006 at 08:23 PM by CooCooCachoo CooCooCachoo is offline
    SloKid's Avatar

    Re: Vamos Paris!

    I got mentioned by name in your entry!
    Yeah, Basti does rock

    Oh and a cool entry, enjoyed reading it and I did check your blog a couple of times in between in case you made a new entry

    Have fun in Paris!
    Posted Apr 20th, 2006 at 02:36 PM by SloKid SloKid is offline
    CooCooCachoo's Avatar

    Re: Vamos Paris!

    Thank you Milan

    You rockz.
    Posted Apr 21st, 2006 at 08:08 AM by CooCooCachoo CooCooCachoo is offline

    Re: Vamos Paris!

    I havent received the tickets yet :eek: :sad:

    Glad you can go, though,and still hoping I will.So that we can maybe meet :hehehe:

    Posted Apr 22nd, 2006 at 11:38 PM by *Jool*
    crazillo's Avatar

    Re: Vamos Paris!

    I have been to RG last year and it was very fascinating! I hope you will enjoy your time there!
    Oh and be aware that you take enough water with you. It's soooo expensive there and you need 20 minutes at times until you get something (at least when I came there)....

    You should definitely try Starbucks there, yeah!

    Tell us about your trip afterwards!

    Rgs. Sascha
    Posted Apr 27th, 2006 at 08:19 AM by crazillo crazillo is offline
    crazillo's Avatar

    Re: Vamos Paris!

    Oh BTW, am I intelligent now?
    Posted Apr 27th, 2006 at 08:20 AM by crazillo crazillo is offline
    CooCooCachoo's Avatar

    Re: Vamos Paris!

    Thank you Sascha

    Yes, you are intelligent

    I was going to buy a big bottle of water anyway in the supermarket But I think it will not be that expensive during qualifying.

    Starbucks You are hyperintelligent for liking that
    Posted Apr 28th, 2006 at 06:25 AM by CooCooCachoo CooCooCachoo is offline
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