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The Best and Worst Present In One

Posted Jan 8th, 2008 at 08:18 AM by Beefy
I caught up with Anne yesterday, because she's been out here for a bit, just sorting stuff out here regarding Chloe, and so we got to swap xmas presents yesterdays. Kind of funny, we gave each other pretty much the same thing I gave her a photo album of Jannie and Chloe, with pics of them by theirselfs, with eachother, others, and with her. She gave me a photo album which was pretty much the same, the only differences being that I'm in the some of the photos, not her, and some photos are different.

We both laughed about it, and looking through the album last night, it clicked with me that it's the best present, because I can just look back at the pics and remember the good times, remember those times in the album, and just think about it all. But it's also the worst present, because you look at it and remember those times and others, and you know that they're not going to happen again, because those two girls are gone, and you'll never see them again. I remember when fixing up Anne's, I was thinking about if it was the right thing to do or not, because I did get kind of sad looking at them.

Looking at it last night, so many happy memories came flooding back. Such as when Jannie and I first starting falling for eachother, at the fancy dress at school, out first date, final day of school, being with her and Chloe at the Australian Open 3 years ago, the days she would be back here from Japan. Then there were those of Chloe, of course most of those memories are Jannie related, because of being at the time when Jannie and I were going out, but others from 2 years ago to last year. Stuff like the two of us on a Yarra cruise, fishing, baby sitting, pool parties, her 21st, and many other great memories. There's probably two photos from the album that I love. The first is from when Jannie and I got back together a few years ago, and we're in bed, holding each other, and she took a pic of it, the camera looking down. We both looked so happy. The other one is one that doesn't have me in it! It's from 2005 when the two girls were at something in Japan where Nicky Hilton was a guest, and you've got the 3 of them, Jannie, Nicky and Chloe standing next to each other, just fantastic.

It just brings back so many memories
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