View Full Version : ABOUT WTA PLAYER 2002 GUIDE BOOK

Feb 15th, 2002, 07:22 PM
Can everyone tell me what is the content of the book ? Are there many Martina Hingis' new pictures in it ?.thanks for advances

Feb 15th, 2002, 07:36 PM
please answer me

Feb 15th, 2002, 08:08 PM
Its not really a picture related book

more facts and figures and bios of past and present players

Feb 15th, 2002, 08:10 PM
I havenīt seen this years book yet, but what it usually is is a list of players stats and bios...not heavy on photos, just a passport sized shot at the top of each page, followed by personal information, match results from the previous year and career highlights, name pronunciation, that kind of thing. Its the type of book a commentator would use to brush up on players they havenīt seen before; not really general reading, but interesting nonetheless.