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Jan 9th, 2004, 01:57 PM
By David Long at the ASB Bank Classic

ASB Classic finalist Eleni Daniilidou admitted that her semifinal against Paola Suarez on Friday evening was far from a classic.

It was a match where there were plenty of unforced errors from both players dropped their serve more times than they held it but after Daniilidou won a huge first set tiebreak she limped through to win the second set.

After the match Daniilidou said she thought both players were nervous in the first set.

"We didn't play a fantastic match but we both fought, and we both fought ourselves a little bit.

"In the tiebreak I couldn't finish and could have lost the tiebreak, but in the end I was a little bit lucky."

That tiebreak win meant that there was a huge mountain for Suarez to climb to make the final and it proved to be too much of a psychological barrier, but it was a tiebreak that could have gone either way.

"Every time I had a set point I said to myself to really go for it. During the points I wasn't hitting well because I was tired and I was nervous too.

"In two set points I didn't move at all and wasn't aggressive when I really wanted to play."

Daniilidou has to play in the doubles semifinal later on Friday evening and even though she is already feeling tired, she won't be too fatigued for that match or the final on Saturday.

"Doubles is always fun," she told nzoom.com. "Last night I had a good time in the first and the third set, now I'll be relaxed and have fun but my priority is the singles.

"I love to play doubles and I think when you love something you don't feel the pain."

As for the final against Ashley Harkleroad, Daniilidou is expecting a tough match.

"She plays really aggressive tennis, I'm sure Ashley will try to play her game tomorrow and try to move me, but I will give 100 percent again," Daniilidou said.

"I like how she's playing and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

"We've never played against each other in singles and I hope to win tomorrow."

Source: nzoom

Jan 9th, 2004, 02:20 PM
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Jan 9th, 2004, 05:20 PM
Ashley plays aggressive tennis? Is Eleni thinking of somebody else?

Jan 9th, 2004, 05:33 PM
lol...I was thinking the same thing, but hopefully Ashley has become more aggressive this year!!

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