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Dec 6th, 2003, 01:18 AM
Article from the Jerusalem post from a couple of weeks back.


Not sure if the link will work, so if it doesn't, go to www.jpost.com, link on sports, scroll down till you find the link to the Anna article.

A few interesting tidbits.

1) As most here know, Anna very rarely visits Israel, maybe once or twice a year to see her parents back home. She spends most of her time in Italy with her husband.

2) There appears to be some resentment in the Israeli Olympic circles regarding the above. Apparently, the Israeli Olympic Committee did not select her to play in Sydney in 2000. Israel's rep on the IOC recently swiped at her for not showing up at the Israeli championships, saying anyone who skips it is not worthy of representing Israel at the Olympics.

3) She says Serena Williams is good, but far from invincible.

4) She thinks Shahar Peer and Dudi Sela have a lot of promise.

5) She hasn't got too much endorsement attention from Israeli companies, perhaps because of #1.

6) It's official. After one year of marriage and going by her husband's name, she will be using both her maiden and married name (hyphenated). She got quite a few e-mails from fans about that, too!.

Reading the article overall, I detected a bit of coolness regarding her relationship with her country.

Dec 6th, 2003, 02:51 AM
some one in General Messages already posted it a while back...