View Full Version : A Milestone that went unnoticed at Nurioopta $25K!

Nov 29th, 2003, 09:42 AM
Lisa McShea won her 50th ITF Doubles title!

Thats an amazing feat! I'd be interested to see if many other players are up in that league!

The scary thing is that McShea has probably lost in another 30 finals so her doubles record at Satellite/Challenger level has been incredibly dominant.

She hasn't been just a doubles specialist. Her career high for doubles in 51 and for singles it is a respectable 139!

She has had countless singles wins over many top 50, top 100, 150-200 ranked players

Emilie Loit
Shinobu Asagoe
Alicia Molik
Akiko Morigami
Marta Marrero
Adriana Serra Zanetti
Saori Obata
Eva Dyrberg

Janet Lee
Samantha Reeves
Seda Noorlander
Ansley Cargill
Elena Tatarkova
Rika Hiraki
Jolene Watanabe (2 times)
Christina Papadaki
Holly Parkinson
Nana Miyagi
Mira Jeon
Lindsay Lee-Waters
Alena Vaskova
Francesca Lubiani

Natalie Grandin (3 times)
Haruka Inoue
Gisela Riera
Marie-Eve Pelletier
Sveta Krivencheva
Rika Fujiwara
Bryanne Stewart (2 times)
Samantha Stosur
Anne Keovthang
Nirupuma Sanjeev
Katalin Marosi-Aracama
Sabine Klaschka
Alica Canepa
Dawn Buth
Christina Wheeler (3 times)
Cindy Watson (Only 5 times!)
Casey Dellacqua

Randy H
Nov 29th, 2003, 09:49 AM
That's an amazing number of titles won by Lisa!

She's a good player, and she is better than what her results in singles have shown recently, and what her ranking is at!

Great to see her doing so well in doubles though, she is still right up there as a very consistent top 100 doubles player :)

Nov 29th, 2003, 10:05 AM
but isnt she like 0-6 these last weeks in singles :p

50! Go Lisa :kiss:

Nov 29th, 2003, 10:41 AM
but isnt she like 0-6 these last weeks in singles :p

50! Go Lisa :kiss:

Yeah she's had a shocking run but the draws havent been kind to her. She's drawn seeded players in 4 out of the 6 weeks.

Forgot to say Lisa has also won 7 ITF Singles Titles

Nov 29th, 2003, 02:27 PM
...and most of those ITF singles titles came in the Victorian 10K's the last 2 years I'll bet ;) She owns those.

Congrats to Lisa...that's an amazing list of doubles titles :)

Nov 29th, 2003, 04:11 PM
will there be those 10k's this year?

Nov 30th, 2003, 06:21 AM
azza those tournaments are played in March/April.

A $25K in Bendigo,

followed by 3 $10K's in country Victoria, and then a $10K Masters event with extra points (for the 16 best performed players in the 3 lead ups) to wrap up the series.

Nov 30th, 2003, 06:38 AM
Go evie in the 10 k's :o