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Nov 25th, 2003, 09:28 PM
WCs for Mt Gambier were Daniella Dominikovic, Cindy Watson and Sophie Ferguson. Now this is where I get really annoyed with TA and their decisions.

Cindy Watson I can say was well deserved.

As for Sophie Ferguson and Daniella Dominkovic getting one ahead of Bryanne Stewart who is still in the running for the AO wildcard, I just don't get it. Bryanne did qualify for the MD but for me that is not the point.

I think it will be grossly unfair if any juniors get the AO MD wcs ahead of the seniors who while they may have not been stars at this round of challengers, they have done better than any of the juniors.

Nov 26th, 2003, 01:21 AM
Im not against Sophie Ferguson getting one, nor am I against Bryanne having to qualify!

To give one to Daniela though is a joke. The girl hasnt even bothered to play all the singles qualifying in these challengers.

Id rather they gave the third wildcard to Sewell or Van Elden. Bryanne had 2 wildcards already so she had her fair share already. With her ability qualifying shouldnt be a problem anyhow

Nov 26th, 2003, 04:00 AM
These are the tournies the juniors can get a leg up in... so the likes of Sophie (who is playing well), Olivia, Cupak deserve some help along the line. All in all there's 18 wildcards over 6 tournies so some do need to go to the young ones.

This year some of the senior gals have stepped up - bryanne, trudi, hewitt and some returning from layoffs Kriz, Christina H, therefore I would expect TA to be a bit more lenient towards them.

Last summer most girls were in poor form and TA had the decision to way up either giving an handout to someone playing badly or an untried junior. In most cases they'll head in the junior direction.

The answer is simple: the opportunities are there for the senior girls... they just have to get the wins on the board. This year some have!!

Nov 26th, 2003, 05:01 AM
Lets not forget both Lara Giltinan and Natalie Tanevska got a WC (Rockhampton), so I guess I could think of worse juniors than Daniela to receive one...she's got lots of promise, but if only she would actually COMMIT to tournaments :rolleyes:

I'm sure Bryanne didn't mind going through qualies...after all more points. But the only negative is that she won a couple tight 3 setters so that has to take it's toll in the South Aussie sun...hope she can at least get a couple wins in the MD (let's be honest she had no chance of winning this thing, so the AO WC was always going to be Trudi's)

As for Watson...I think she was better off in qualies. A 6-2 6-1 loss in the first round shows she NEEDS match practice and just can't compete at this level for the time being. A few more months though and she can be right (if she wants it though).

Last year all WC's at these challengers went to young kids...this year we've seen Trudi, Bryanne, Kristen, Jaslyn, Beti and Cindy get them. I think that TA learnt from their mistake this year of ignoring the seniors and putting their eggs into the junior basket (Adriana who?)...it looks to be more of a fairer playing field this time around.