View Full Version : Still Need Proof....

Nov 11th, 2003, 05:17 AM
from the Belgian duo. Proof that they can actually go out there and beat the williams on a consistent basis and prove their spot at 1 and 2 in the world. Yeah Justine beat serena two times this year. But all her wins over any williams have come on the red clay. And to add to it, you can tell the difference of when venus and serena are "on" and when they are making errors. And it really showed. But one thing Pam Shriver does admit to, is that kim and justine both rely on errors from venus and serena, more than they do rely on their own games.

Back to the prooving matter. Justine and Kim have both shown, with the williams out of the tour, they rule to top. We have to go by matches and matchups, and let 2004 and the head to head of williams vs. belgians tell who is really at the top. The Belgians have done very well, but its all in the absense of venus and serena. Before the sisters were out with injuries, they still had the belgians numbers out on the court. Now you have the sisters out, and the beglians started winning everything, and people tried to make assumptions of the belgians clearly being better than the sisters. You can't assume when the sisters aren't even playing. So I think the belgians still need to proove somthing. And that time will come in 2004. I don't think it was a "belgian" year, seeing an american and a belgian won 2 slams each. And seeing that if you look at their head to head, the williams lead the belgians 5-2 I believe(6-2 if you count hopman cup)