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Nov 10th, 2003, 03:10 AM
I got this email.

Getting The Tennis Channel
Dear Tennis Enthusiast,

The Tennis Channel is on the air, making tennis available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Agreements to carry the network are in place with many of the top cable operators and satellite companies, and negotiations are underway with the rest. The Tennis Channel is already available in more than 125 cities across the country and continues to be rolled out on a regular basis from coast to coast. However, many of you are asking: “When will The Tennis Channel be available in my area?” Understandably many of you are anxious and eager to speed up the process. Whether you have cable or satellite, the way to accelerate availability is through consumer demand. Below are two suggestions that communicate your interest to cable and satellite providers:

1) Simply call your cable or satellite provider and let them know you are eager to have them add The Tennis Channel to their channel lineup…as soon as possible!
Here is contact information for several leading cable and satellite companies:

Comcast: (800) COMCAST or (800) 266-2278
DirecTV: (800) DIRECTV or (800) 347-3288
Dish Network: (800) 333-DISH or (800) 333-3474
Charter: Visit www.charter.com to find your local Charter Customer Service number
Cablevision: Visit www.cablevision.com to find your local Cablevision Customer Service number

2) Sign the online petition at www.tennischannelpetition.com to register your support and receive regular newsletters from The Tennis Channel.

Some of The Tennis Channel’s current highlights include live coverage of 3 cup championships with Davis, Fed and Hopman Cups … for the first time live in their entirety! (Fed Cup semi-finals and finals, USA vs. Belgium and Russia vs. France, Nov 19-23; Australia and Spain in the Davis Cup finals Nov 28-30; and the co-ed Hopman Cup, Jan 3-10, 2004 with the US as defending champions.) Original programs include Center Court interviews with Michael Chang, Brad Gilbert, Roger Federer, Chanda Rubin and No Strings shows featuring Taylor Dent and James Blake.

Thanks for your support!

The Tennis Channel

Nov 10th, 2003, 03:13 AM
I am going to keep bugging my cable operator "Shaw.ca" like hell to carry this channel on its lineup. :fiery: :mad:

Because when it happens, I will never ever ever watch nor use TSN ever again!

Nov 10th, 2003, 03:20 AM
I got an email like that months ago!!! and still when I call Charter they act like I'm crazy and say they have never heard of TTC!!!!!!!