View Full Version : Maggie Maleeva withdraws from Luxembourg... finishes her season

Oct 16th, 2003, 05:50 PM
I just watched her on Bulgarian TV and she said she is overtired and she won't play Luxembourg. She said also that she has done the maximum she can play and she has achieved good results this year, having also won one tournament. She said she will play Australian Open!

OK Maggie, relax good and be ready for the next year!
We Love You :hearts: :kiss:


Oct 20th, 2003, 03:04 PM
See you next year, maggie! :D

Oct 30th, 2003, 10:47 AM
What do you think? :worship: :p :)

Roland Garros
1R M Maleeva[15] v. A Molik 6/3 3/6 6/1
2R M Maleeva[15] v. E Koulikovskaya 6/3 6/2
3R M Maleeva[15] v. R Grande 6/3 2/6 6/3
4R K Clijsters[2] v. M Maleeva[15] 0/6 6/2 6/1

1R M Maleeva[3] v. bye
2R M Maleeva[3] v. J O'Donoghue[WC] 6/2 6/4
3R M Maleeva[3] v. Y J Cho[14] 6/1 5/7 6/1
QF M Maleeva[3] v. S Foretz 6/7(5) 6/2 6/3
SF M Maleeva[3] v. E Daniilidou[2] 6/3 5/7 6/4
F M Maleeva[3] v. S Asagoe 6/1 6/4

1R M Maleeva[8] v. L Raymond 6/7(6) 6/3 6/4
2R M Maleeva[8] v. E Likhovtseva 3/6 7/5 6/3
QF S Farina-Elia v. M Maleeva[8] 5/7 6/4 6/4

Los Angeles
1R M Maleeva[6] v. bye
2R M Maleeva[6] v. E Likhovtseva 6/3 6/3
3R M Maleeva[6] v. V Ruano Pascual 6/0 6/3
QF A Sugiyama[4] v. M Maleeva[6] 6/2 4/6 6/2

1R M Maleeva v. J Dokic 7/5 6/0
2R M Maleeva v. C Rubin[7] 6/3 6/4
QF M Pierce[WC] v. M Maleeva 7/5 7/6(6)

Oct 30th, 2003, 07:45 PM
eastbourne, i think. raymond is a top-10-player on grasscourts and also likhovtseva, one of her opponents she does not like to face, reached the quarter-final of wimbledon 2002 (with a victory over maggie) so she bet two of the opponents she doesn´t like on their favourite surfaces. farina-elia was beatable after a 3-0 in the second set but it was a great tourney of maggie. birmingham was nice too, but when you take daniilidou away all her opponents were the second class (perhaps not asagoe because she had a great season from this tourney on).