View Full Version : In This Thread, i post another uncomfortable DAILY REMINDER

Car Key Boi
Oct 15th, 2003, 09:09 PM

This Daily REMINDER and the following FTS's (Facts That Sux) have been brought to YUO, courtesy of the Car Key Boi

FTS#1 For every Hip Hop/Gangsta/Rap/Blah album that contains the words "fuck", "bitches", "niggaz", "******s" and so on and so forth, that YUO buy, or YUO listen to on the radio, or whose video YUO watch on MTV or BET blah, YUO=Financing Hip Hop/Gangsta/Rap/blah, so YUO=responsible for sexist pigs and Non PC Tards like the Car Key Boi and his kind, and the generations to follow

FTS#2 Even if YUO, are appalled at FTS#1, YUO are still gonna keep buying that shit

Enjoy :)

- Car Key Sexist Pig :cool: