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ally baker
Oct 11th, 2003, 05:54 PM
8 - Daniela Hantuchova vs Paola Suarez
Elena Bovina vs Qualifier/LL
Nadia Petrova vs WC - Marie-Ga´anÚ Mikaelian
Bye vs 4 - Elena Dementieva

You can't ask for a better draw than this...

Qualifier in the 1st round... then Daniela/Paola just to get to the QF!

Then, possibly Lena D... who has to be getting fatigued both mentally and physically now. Or Nadya, who's playing brainless lately.

This is a wonderful chance for Lena to do well in another Tier I! That would be 3 straight!

But... one match at a time. Lena needs to focus for every match. She desperately needs wins to keep her ranking up... and to keep her confidence up.

UDACHI LENA!!! :hug:

Oct 11th, 2003, 06:26 PM
Lets hope that Lena can keep her recent form up :):) or otherwise the best draw is shit :rolleyes:

Lena also plays doubles at Zurich. Like last week she teams up with "Grandma Elske" ;)
1st rd: Bovina/Callens - Loit/Pratt

:bigclap: Udachi Lena :bigclap:

ally baker
Oct 11th, 2003, 06:27 PM
Lena also is defending her Zurich win last year with Justine.

Lena should take a lesson from Justine...

Stop playing doubles.

Oct 11th, 2003, 06:46 PM
Winning these types of matches is probably just as important as beating Lindsay and Jennifer.
Lena can beat everyone outside the big four. Now, beat the players like Pistolesi. The good second level players. Lena will see at least two of them here.
And this tournament is one more step in Lena's rise to the elite.

ally baker
Oct 11th, 2003, 07:01 PM
That is exactly true...

Lena needs to figure out how to beat the lower players, while not having her top game. That's the next step.

These matches won't be easy, either... she'll be facing a Top 50 player in the 1st round... then probably Paola, who will make Lena work for every point.

Oct 11th, 2003, 07:08 PM
You're right about giving up doubles. If Lena does reach her second straight semi-final, it's too much of a distraction to be hanging around for a doubles match.
Lena is getting too good to play both.

Oct 11th, 2003, 07:31 PM
I really want that Dementieva match this week. And the Sharapova match in Quebec.
With the Fed Cup coming up, Lena can remove any doubt about her deserving to be on the team.
With the Olympics coming next year, 2004 is perfect for Lena to break through.
And I love that two-handed backhand.

ally baker
Oct 12th, 2003, 05:06 AM
Udachi Lena.

SF's in Zurich.

Decent showing in Quebec.

You'll be Top 15 by the end of the year... and who would have thought that? :)

Oct 12th, 2003, 05:07 AM
Vamos Lena Bovina!! U do it girl!

Hi everyone!

Oct 12th, 2003, 09:18 AM
Poala might beast Lena

Oct 12th, 2003, 03:20 PM
Poala might beast Lena. - That's an interesting opinion.

ally baker
Oct 12th, 2003, 03:30 PM

Oct 12th, 2003, 08:12 PM
If Lena's healthy, it's Molik in the first round. The only time they've played is in New Haven two months ago. Lena won in two competitive sets.
Molik has had a good run in the qualifiers, beating Sveta and Granville in straight sets.

ally baker
Oct 12th, 2003, 08:22 PM
Good matchup for Lena... I'd rather her face Molik than say Serna or Pisnik.

Molik plays like Lena, except not as well... and even though Alicia qualified, she's not playing as well as she did earlier this year.

Lena plays well... she will win.

Oct 12th, 2003, 08:24 PM
If Lena plays well, she's in the semis. Now, Lena, please play well.

Oct 13th, 2003, 07:39 AM
molik please win :angel:

Oct 13th, 2003, 07:16 PM
Center Court - 10.30am
1. Bovina vs Molik

a bit early...

Udachi Lena :bounce:

ally baker
Oct 13th, 2003, 07:26 PM
Udachi Lena :)

Oct 13th, 2003, 08:48 PM
10:30 in the morning on a Tuesday. Is that any way to treat a Filderstadt semi-finalist? Actually, it's good. Win and have the day off.
Udachi Lena!

ally baker
Oct 14th, 2003, 01:36 AM
Go Lena!

Fight hard tomorrow, hon... don't take it easy against Alicia, she's a strong opponent.

Focus, and you should win. :)

Udachi Lena! :hug:

Oct 14th, 2003, 01:09 PM
she won!

well done :bounce: :hug:

Oct 14th, 2003, 02:13 PM
Bovina def. Molik 6-4 6-1

Welldone Lena!! Good win!!

ally baker
Oct 14th, 2003, 02:45 PM
Lena beasts alcicia molloik 6-4 6-1

Go Lena!!! :hug: An impressive win over Alicia, who was playing well.

Keep it up, Lena!!! :banana:

ally baker
Oct 14th, 2003, 02:57 PM
Lena's ranking moves up to #23 now (unless Eleni or Pisnik or Patty goes really far in Zurich). :)

Just 2 more wins until Top 20! Keep fightin', hon. :)

Oct 14th, 2003, 02:59 PM
:D Thats what I want to hear when I come home :bounce: comfortable win Lena, well done :yippee:

Next up Hantuchova or Suarez. Udachi Lena :):)

Oct 14th, 2003, 08:38 PM
I came on-line and saw that Poala won. So Lena needs to be very focused on Thursday. Because
Poala might beast Lena.
If Lena plays her game, she'll be beasting on Poala.

Oct 14th, 2003, 11:08 PM
Lena has to be very focused and maintain her concentration for this match. If she goes for too much, or if she gets sloppy and makes UE's early in the rallies, Paola will take advantage of it and win this match.
This is a good test for Lena. I hope she gets an A on this exam.
Udachi Lena!

ally baker
Oct 15th, 2003, 03:31 PM
Update on Lena's schedule...

"Williams was seeded second at the Austrian tournament, behind Henin-Hardenne, and will be replaced in the draw by Russian Elena Bovina.

So, Lena is playing Linz now! I'm glad she is... keep playing while you're in form. :hug:

Plus, the Linz draw is weaker than the last few tournies.

Then, I don't know if she'll be playing Philly or Quebec... with the way she's playing lately, it would be kind of silly to not play Philly, where she could maybe even be seeded.

Then, Lena is entered for Pattaya, but I really doubt she'll play there.

Oct 15th, 2003, 09:24 PM
It depends on Lena's health. If she withdrew from doubles for a reason, then having today off is good. But playing non-stop may not be.
If everything's okay, and Lena is mentally into it, she can finish this year with super results.

ally baker
Oct 15th, 2003, 09:31 PM
I think it was precautionary that she withdrew from doubles... since there's only 1 court in Zurich, and she didn't want to overdo herself.

There's 6 weeks to rest at the end of the year... get the points now while she can.

Oct 15th, 2003, 11:02 PM
You're right. This time of year, a lot of players are mentally tired.
Lena should play as much as she can. The more wins, the more confidence next year when she meets the same players.

ally baker
Oct 16th, 2003, 06:52 PM
Lena beasts Poala 6-4 6-3! :hug:

Lena plays Nadejda Petrowa in the QF!

Good luck Lena, this is a big chance for you!

Oct 16th, 2003, 06:55 PM
Lena :yippee: another great win into the QF :yeah:

Centre Court (From 12.00hrs)
1. Raymond/Stubbs vs Molik/Serna
2. Zvonareva vs Henin-Hardenne (NB 14.30hrs)
3. Bovina vs Petrova (NB 16.00hrs)
4. Clijsters vs Pisnik (NB 17.45hrs)
5. Mauresmo or Schnyder vs Dokic (NB 19.45hrs)
6. Clijsters/Sugiyama vs Likhovtseva/Martinez

H2H - Lena 1-1 Nadia

2nd rd - Gold Coast Jan 5 2003 E Bovina(4) - N Petrova-Q 5-7 6-3 6-3
1st rd - Australian O. Jan 28 2001 N Petrova - E Bovina-Q 7-5 6-3

Make the semis Lena :bounce: Udachi :bounce:

Oct 16th, 2003, 06:59 PM
Now it's there Lena vs. Nadya. Good performances by both. IMO, it would have been a deserved final at the Gold Coast tournament. Don't have a fav. tomorrow, but Lena needs the points more.

ally baker
Oct 16th, 2003, 07:02 PM
Lena ranking update:

Lena remains at #23, despite winning today. :(

If Lena beats Nadya, she will move to #17 or #18 (if Dokic wins, which she won't).

Lena only has 55 more points to defend the rest of the year.. so Top 15 is very possible by the end of this year!

That's amazing considering that Lena basically did nothing from February-August!

ally baker
Oct 16th, 2003, 07:24 PM
BTW... Udachi Lena :)

Oct 16th, 2003, 08:37 PM
It's good that Lena beat a steady baseliner in straight sets.
This match is more important. Lena has to take out the other Russians, everytime that Lena plays them.
I think if Lena plays her game, it should be another straight sets win.
Udachi Lena!

Oct 16th, 2003, 09:17 PM
molik please win :angel:HERE we are in Bovina's herd. You are not here to cheer for her opponents

Oct 16th, 2003, 09:25 PM

ally baker
Oct 16th, 2003, 10:25 PM
Lena looks stoned... :sad:

Oct 16th, 2003, 11:12 PM
I think Lena's trying to get that right hand off her butt while still smiling for the camera.
That guy looks more stoned.

ally baker
Oct 16th, 2003, 11:15 PM
Lena is not sufficient with the bitch slap... she needs to learn it.

Oct 16th, 2003, 11:17 PM
As she moves up the rankings, Lena's going to have guys wanting to meet her more and more.
It comes with fame and fortune.

ally baker
Oct 16th, 2003, 11:30 PM
Lena has enough guys wanting her.

You should have seen her at US Open.

Oct 16th, 2003, 11:33 PM
I want them to have their own money. And not be looking at her's.
Lena should be very particular.

ally baker
Oct 16th, 2003, 11:38 PM
As long as she enjoys their time together... that is all that matters.

Oct 16th, 2003, 11:46 PM
I understand that. If Lena wants to pay for dinner, it's her money.
Lena is one of the best in the world in the most lucrative of women's sports.
Guys had better respect that. And respect her.

ally baker
Oct 17th, 2003, 12:19 AM
Guys will respect Lena. It helps that she's bigger than most of them.

Oct 17th, 2003, 12:59 AM
Lena's tall and earns a huge income. That must intimidate guys. That sounds like fun.
I really wanted Dementieva tomorrow. As long as Lena doesn't beat herself, and plays steady, I'm happy.
Udachi Lena!

ally baker
Oct 17th, 2003, 01:32 AM
I'm tall and somewhat rich also. It is fun. :)

Oct 17th, 2003, 02:24 AM

ally baker
Oct 17th, 2003, 02:25 AM
Damn straight. :woohoo:

Oct 17th, 2003, 02:40 AM
WOW!! Udachi Leena!!!

ally baker
Oct 17th, 2003, 04:32 PM
Lena sucked and losted to Nadya.

She plays Linz next week.

Udachi Lena! :hug:

Oct 17th, 2003, 04:44 PM
Lena sucked and losted to Nadya.

She plays Linz next week.

Udachi Lena! :hug:
Are you as tall as Lena. You are here the most active Lena supporter

ally baker
Oct 17th, 2003, 04:54 PM
Not as tall as Lena...

I'm 6'2... and she's 6'3+ :)

Oct 17th, 2003, 07:34 PM
tough loss :sad: but QF is not too bad :)


Oct 17th, 2003, 08:43 PM
QF, SF, QF isn't bad. But I think Lena was capable of W, SF, SF.
The Pistolesi loss bothered me much more. Lena could have won Moscow.
Here, Justine was next anyway.

6-foot-3 plus? Lena still needs time to reach her best level and maintain it.
I love when Lena takes out the big names like Davenport and Capriati. I'm hoping for more of that in Linz.
Udachi Lena!!

ally baker
Oct 18th, 2003, 12:34 AM
It also wouldn't hurt if Lena wore a different shirt occasionally.

Oct 18th, 2003, 12:45 AM
Lena has to go buy them herself. Right? No endorsement deal.
Maybe the Tall Girl Store doesn't have Lena's size in more than one color.

Oct 18th, 2003, 12:54 AM
how has she not got an endorsement deal? surely she's been given offers.

Oct 18th, 2003, 01:03 AM
Nope, Lena buys off the rack.
Not easy at 6-foot-3 plus.

ally baker
Oct 18th, 2003, 01:07 AM
Her shirts never fit anyway... she's always showing tummy. No excuses.

Oct 18th, 2003, 01:11 AM
Bare midriffs are in now. Dokic looks pregnant with her gut hanging out. But she's stylin'.

ally baker
Oct 18th, 2003, 01:15 AM
True... but that makes it easier for her to find clothing that fits.

Lena should wear her see-through shorts for matches.

Oct 18th, 2003, 01:19 AM
I was thinking about that. Should Lena wear something that really stands out?
She doesn't have to answer to a corporate entity.
See-through? Maybe something thong-ish?

ally baker
Oct 18th, 2003, 01:48 AM
I don't think she can really wear anything that stands out more...

Her shorts are about as short as they can be without possibly showing kitty.

Oct 18th, 2003, 01:57 AM
Should Lena try something different? Like bright orange with shocking pink stripes?
Lena has a freedom that no other top player has.

ally baker
Oct 18th, 2003, 02:13 AM
Should Lena try something different? Like bright orange with shocking pink stripes?
Lena has a freedom that no other top player has.
She should wear one of those bras that makes it look like she has boobs.

Oct 18th, 2003, 03:36 AM

yes she does looks Stoned

Oct 18th, 2003, 03:55 AM
wow, look at that girl's eye.

Oct 18th, 2003, 03:55 AM
One thing Lena should do is go to a professional photographer and have pictures taken that are flattering.
Lena needs to have off court photos of her available to the media. It's an important part of being a woman tennis pro in today's world.

And push-up bras are a good thing.

ally baker
Oct 18th, 2003, 04:28 AM
There are pics of Lena out there...

She took a photo shoot on a beach for some Italian magazine... but unfortunately, she looks awful in those pics.

There's also supposed to be some pics of Lena in a bikini during Indian Wells in some WTA calendar... I've been looking for that for a while.

Oct 18th, 2003, 04:28 PM
I mean that Lena should have pictures taken of her that are sexy. That guys want to stare at. That the media can use after she wins.
Every top 20 player does them. It takes one afternoon. Then you have them forever.
If IMG won't help her, Lena has to be proactive.
When they like you on and off the court, that's when you make the big bucks.

lasagna & donuts
Nov 2nd, 2003, 09:05 PM