View Full Version : Teacher's and Aide arrested for tying students

Oct 10th, 2003, 06:57 PM
Whats going on with people?!? :rolleyes:

MSNBC- THE FIRST COMPLAINT to police was made Sept. 11. All five 6-year-olds said their ankles were taped together, their arms taped to their lap or their heads taped to the blackboard. One girl said her mouth was taped shut.
It was not immediately clear what type of tape was used.
Nieves and Christie, both 38, were arrested Thursday on five counts each of child abuse. Nieves was also charged with five counts of false imprisonment. Nieves was jailed on $75,000 bail and Christie on $25,000 bail. Both women have court hearings Friday.
Yery Marrero, an attorney for Nieves, said the allegations “are simply untrue and they are being motivated by people who simply want money out of it.”

Kristi Kassebaum, an attorney for Christie, said her client is “100 percent innocent” and would be pleading innocent.
During the investigation, Nieves was told not to return to work. Christie was placed on administrative assignment. Miami-Dade school officials said Thursday they were still determining what action to take.