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Oct 10th, 2003, 05:14 AM
The formula below shows how many calories you lose in one day from just sitting around on your ass and watching tv.... =)

from www.soyouwanna.com

Note: This assumes that you are almost totally inactive. In order to determine the caloric requirements added by excercise, go to step 3
A Basal Metabolic Rate Body weight multiplied by 12 (for men) or 11 (for women) e.g., 160 lbs. x 12 = 1920
B Activity One third body weight multiplied by the number of hours you don't sleep, typically 16 hours 160 lbs. x 1/3 = 53 x 16 = 848
D Required Calories A + B 1920 + 848 = 2768

Thus, we determine that a 160-pound man requires approximately 2768 calories per day. The "Basal Metabolic Rate" is the number of calories a man of that weight would burn just to keep the heart beating, the lungs pumping, etc. You would just burn your basal metabolic rate worth of calories if you slept 24 hours per day. "Activity" is approximately the amount of calories a person would expend by spending his or her whole day sitting around. This attempts to hit an average between the hours you spend sitting around and actually doing things (e.g., pretending to work, driving, talking on the phone) and the amount of time you spend just sitting there and watching TV. If you spend more time watching TV than walking around, you may want to decrease your activity level a couple of hours to get a more accurate "Activity" number. Conversely, if you are an exercising machine, you may want to add a couple more hours to your "Activity" level.

Sam L
Oct 10th, 2003, 05:21 AM
Um, that link didn't tell me anything.

But I'm burning about 600-700 calories at gym everyday. So what does that mean?

Oct 10th, 2003, 07:31 AM
lol, it's just a guide to show you how many calories you need to intake so that your outtake- your intake=positive numbers, lol, so in other words you lose weight....I didn't link to the exact article at the site, I justw anted to cite it =P