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Sep 25th, 2003, 06:09 PM
she said in a german newspaper, that she will retire next year but that she doesn´t know something she can do better than playing tennis. she wants to be in touch with it after her career. seems that she will get either a trainer or someone in the managment.

what do you think?

Farina Elia Fan
Sep 26th, 2003, 04:26 PM
Please Don't Maggie!!!

Sep 27th, 2003, 05:31 AM
she said in a german newspaper, that she will retire next year but that she doesn´t know something she can do better than playing tennis. she wants to be in touch with it after her career. seems that she will get either a trainer or someone in the managment.

what do you think?
In Bulgaria we know she will play 100% next year and after that she'll think of retirement...

Sep 28th, 2003, 05:50 AM
No.... :sad:
Please don't ever think of quitting

Oct 11th, 2003, 03:06 PM
Maggie :sad: keep going.

Nov 16th, 2003, 09:50 AM
from maggiemail:

In interview with Info Radio today she said she did not plan to retire at least till the end of 2004. "My ambitions are to participate and do well in the Olympics in Athens. I will prepare to the max and it will be great to do well there. I am a bit disappointed with this season because I couldn't get back in the top 10. Several times I was very close, once only 17 points away. Still I won a grass tournament, in Birmingham, which is a good achievement. next year I'll probably start on Jan 5 at the Gold Coast tournament in Australia."

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Nov 19th, 2003, 07:54 PM
That's my translation from Bulgarian, so sorry for the errors :p ;)

Q:Maggie, would you make a comparison between your last two seasons?
A:I expected and wanted more from this year but I did only that. I cannot say I'm not satisfied because I won a tournament. On the other hand, after what I made in 2002, I wanted to do even better in 2003. You know, everyone always wants. I know for myself, that I have tried to do my best as every other season.

Q:Why did you finish your season earlier?
A:After US Open I was so exhausted and I didn't want to play more. I had the feeling that the season is over. I need a longer break and now I'm happy that I have it. My last tournament was in Filderstadt and I did well there. Even against Pierce I played very good.

Q:Your title was on grass. Did you improve on that surface?
A:It's two years now that I play well at Wimbledon. One of my biggest disappointments this year was that I lost in the second round. Despite that, now I'm more aggressive and I'm more successful in going to the net.

Q:Was Birmingham your best tournament?
A:As a result - yes, but I played perfectly only in the final. For me, my best match was against Likhovtseva in Los Angeles. She had defeated me before couple of times and I took revenge. The feeling was incredible also at Roland Garros when I took a love set (bagel) against Clijsters and had advantage in most of the games.

Q:What was your adjustment for Moscow?
A:I had such great memories from Moscow. I knew it's unlikely that I'll win again, although the tournament wasn't that strong. I should have defeated Safina - I led 3-1 and 40-15 in the final set, but I didn't took my chances at dozen of break points.

Q:Is Safina as talented as her brother?
A:She won't be a Top 10 player. She practises a lot and is disciplined, but she hasn't the talent of her brother. Now there are so many Russian girls - they all play very well and are on the same level, but I can't say if one of them will break into Top 5 or will win a Slam. I used to think that Zvonareva is the best. Petrova has very strong serve, something which the others haven't.

Q:And how did it happen that the three Maleevas were so successful?
A:With the time that seems even more incredible. But I know what helped us. That's my mother's work and discipline. She has taught us that we don't have the right to lose. Moreover, we've always worked professionally, with good managers and coaches.

Q:You have a new coach - David Taylor?
A:I don't know if we'll be together next year. For me he was like a sparing partner. He gets much of the tennis game and is a great person. But I need more my family and my physical trainer.

Q:Was that your best season in doubles?
A:Yes! With Liezel Huber we fit close, although it was by chance. My rank in doubles was very weak - about 100. Liezel offered me to play together last year, but I told her that I cannot play every tournament doubles. She thanked me for the honesty and the question was over. In March in Miami I couldn't find a doubles partner and she was in the first 20. We won the title and then decided to play the whole year together.

Q:Which is the best team at the moment?
A:Clijsters/Sugiyama and of course Suarez/Ruano-Pascual.

Q:And Navratilova?
A:Yes, Kuznetsova/Navratilova, too. What Martina achieves at this age is outstanding. But honestly, in her shots there isn't much power. At the net she is still a goddess.

Q:Martina is included in the American Fed Cup team. Will you take part in the Bulgarian?
A:They always change the format of the tournament and I don't know if that will suit my schedule next year. However, Fed Cup is an incredible experience, especially the last time, when I met Tzvetana Pironkova. She has huge potential. We had many wins, I won all of my singles matches. We were a good team.

Q:Will you play at the Olympics?
A:Of course. The Olympics are so near now. It will be like an ordinary tournament. There will be awarded points for the rankings, too.

Q:Who do you like more - Clijsters or Henin?
A:Both. But I'm happier about Justine. I have closer friendship with her. She is the model, of the power achieved with hard work. I like her coach and her training process. It's strange that she won two Slams, although she looked mentally weaker than Clijsters.

Q:Are you interested about the other Bulgarian sportsmen and women?
A:As a whole I'm slightly interested in sports because sport is my life and I have other hobbies. But lately I saw the Bulgarians in the volleyball championships!

Q:What's your attitude to the award *Sportman/Sportwoman of the Year*? (Bulgarian award)
A:Positive. I was happy that last year I was in the Top 10. You know, tennis is a sport without world championships and medals and that's why we receive less awards.

Q:What do you think about the new governor of California?
A:That's big foolishness! They didn't do that for the good of the state but because of political interests. I hope he will cope with his position and he will allow women to make abortion, as he promised!

Dec 10th, 2003, 09:42 AM
Thanks :wavey:

King Aaron
Dec 10th, 2003, 04:16 PM
Thanks. :)

If Dinara does make the Top Ten in the future :tape:.
:) She thinks Tzveti has potential. :D