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Sep 22nd, 2003, 09:43 AM
The high rising Elena Vesnina. Has won 2 Challengers so far this year. Made the top 300. A year ago she wasn't on the ranking Keep on progressing.

Sep 22nd, 2003, 09:53 AM
New Lena was appeared? :eek:

Anyone can call "Lena V" of Elena Vesnina please?

Sep 22nd, 2003, 10:26 AM
and she's only 17.

Sep 22nd, 2003, 11:58 AM
she's pretty good
she didnt play much juniors

well done Lena on winning Tbilisi :) :woohoo: :)

Sep 26th, 2003, 06:22 PM
Lena got a WC in qualies Moscow
Lena plays Michaela Pastikova

good luck Lena :) :hug:
she's gonna be somewhere around 270 on Monday

Jan 26th, 2004, 12:55 PM
Lena's back on winning ways. Reached the 2nd round of the Bergamo 25 K.

Jan 26th, 2004, 01:03 PM
well done Lena :D :)
good start to 2004 in 1st match :)

King Aaron
Jan 26th, 2004, 04:07 PM
Interesting......:) good luck Elena Vesnina! :D

Mar 20th, 2004, 04:58 PM
Elena Vesnina playing $50k St Petersburg

she #7 seed in qualies
she won her 1st match vs wc Kristina Ufimtseva :D :)
tomorrow she plays Sandra Klemenschits

good luck Lena :)

Mar 21st, 2004, 04:54 PM
Lena bt Klemenschits 61 63 :yeah: :D
well done :D :)
tomorrow Q rd vs Olha Lazarchuk

good luck Lena :)

Mar 21st, 2004, 05:07 PM
Very good result

Mar 22nd, 2004, 02:41 PM
Into Main Draw, well done.

Mar 22nd, 2004, 06:48 PM
Lena plays Nastya Rodionova in 1st rd
she should win the way both girls are doing lately

good luck Lena :)

Mar 22nd, 2004, 07:55 PM
A russian first round draw, fortunately we don't have as many as last year.

Mar 24th, 2004, 04:17 PM
good win for Lena :) 7-6(4) 6-0 vs Rodionova
well done :)
good luck in rd2 vs Lazarchuk :)

Mar 24th, 2004, 04:42 PM
Very good win, getting closer to the GS-Qual, well done Elena

Mar 25th, 2004, 05:12 PM
Lena into QF :yeah:
she won 61 64 vs Lazarchuk :banana:

next up is Ivana Lisjak
good luck Lena ;)

Mar 25th, 2004, 07:31 PM
Very good result, getting closer and closer to the GS-Qual.

Mar 26th, 2004, 03:07 PM
Lena lost in QF to Lisjak 5-7 3-6 :mad: :sad:
disappointing :(

Jun 17th, 2004, 12:38 AM
Elena Vesnina (RUS) b. Salome Devidze (GEO) 60 62 in a 25k this week, first round.

Jun 17th, 2004, 02:17 AM
nice win Lena :)

Jun 17th, 2004, 12:11 PM
Good win :)

Jun 18th, 2004, 02:48 AM
2nd round elena lost 0-6 0-6

Jun 23rd, 2004, 01:29 AM
lots of photos of Elena at

Jun 23rd, 2004, 01:45 AM
she's a good looking girl!!!! can i have her number lol. c'mon elena get those wins and get that ranking up!

thanx for the link kutuzova

Aug 24th, 2004, 11:54 AM
Lena Vesnina plays Moscow 25k
drawn against 15 yr old Evgeniya Rodina

Aug 24th, 2004, 12:27 PM
Good luck in Moscow. For the remainder of the season he's 60 points to defend. Needs better results than ever to make AUS-Open Qual. Go Elena.

Aug 27th, 2004, 01:33 PM
Lena into QF of Moscow 25k :yeah:
next she plays Maria Kondratieva

Lena should make final at least now
go Lena ;) :D

Aug 27th, 2004, 02:39 PM
Good Elena!

Sep 2nd, 2004, 12:35 PM
Lena into QF with 63 75 win over Makarova
well done Lena :)
good luck vs Yakimova today

Sep 2nd, 2004, 12:37 PM
Well done to make the QF's. Now repeat it a few more times this year. :)

Sep 23rd, 2004, 05:28 PM
Lena into QF of 50k Batumi :)
defends some of her pts from last yr

now she plays Anna Chakvetadze
best of luck Lena :)

Sep 23rd, 2004, 08:19 PM
Well done to reach the QF's at Batumi. Good luck vs. Anna, Go Lena you need the points more.

Oct 8th, 2004, 05:27 PM
Elena's quarter of the Kremlin Cup Qual
Nina's quarter half of the Kremlin Cup Qual
4] Virginia Ruano Pascual (ESP) vs. Sanda Mamic (CRO)
Libuse Prusova (CZE) vs. Sandra Kleinova (CZE)
WC Elena Vesnina (RUS) vs. Nina Bratchikova (RUS)
Stephanie Gehrlein (GER) vs. [5] Claudine Schaul (LUX

Oct 8th, 2004, 11:36 PM
good luck lena!

Oct 9th, 2004, 02:49 AM
good luck Lena :)
she should be confident :)
she did win the Russian Nationals last week

in past it would have got her a maindraw WC, not anymore.

Oct 9th, 2004, 04:48 AM
Good luck Lena :hearts:

Oct 9th, 2004, 06:05 PM
Elena qualified for the next round. A welcome few more points. Good luck vs. Claudine.

Oct 9th, 2004, 08:01 PM
Lena, well done :)
now take that + energy and go and beat Claudine :)

put pressure on her early ;)

Oct 10th, 2004, 10:53 AM
good luck against claudine elena!

Oct 10th, 2004, 01:40 PM
Lena in final set vs. Claudine. A good step in the right direction.

Oct 10th, 2004, 10:36 PM
good first set but the other 2 sets werent so good.

Oct 31st, 2004, 08:26 PM
Lena Vesnina in Quebec qualies

she won her 1st rd match 75 75 vs Zoricic

playing Kat Bondarenko now, hope she can win this

Lots of pics of Lena here ;)


Oct 31st, 2004, 08:29 PM
some of the best ones a bit lower down
off court pics ;)

82 in all ;)
starting from pic 1

Oct 31st, 2004, 08:42 PM
Lena won 64 64 :woohoo: :banana: :D

she plays Gajdosova tomorrow for place in maindraw

good luck Lena ;) :D

Oct 31st, 2004, 09:30 PM
Finding her form in the later stages of the season. Still in with a slim chance to make the AUS-Open. Think she'll make a GS-Qual next year. Best chances are the US-Open. Elena deserves some credit to do it the hard way. :D :)

Oct 31st, 2004, 09:41 PM
I need password to see her pics.. :/

Nov 1st, 2004, 02:23 AM
I need password to see her pics.. :/
go to here https://fotoalbum.web.de/start/?password=&host=picdina&folder=&guest=&sid=0000000151F32B2E5D790C33076A586BC83B19

you wont need a password now.

Nov 1st, 2004, 06:25 PM
Lena qualified for Quebec maindraw :banana: :hug:

63 60 win over Gajdosova

well done Lena :yeah: :)
good luck in maindraw now :)

Nov 1st, 2004, 07:04 PM
Well done. Lena keeps her slim chance going for reaching the Aus-Open. For the rest year nothing to defend. Has hardly points to defend till the month of September. Needs a 25 K win and a 25 K final to make it to the Aus-Open.

Nov 1st, 2004, 08:58 PM
well done elena! good luck in the main draw!

Foot's Fingers
Nov 2nd, 2004, 10:04 AM
Good Luck in MD

Nov 2nd, 2004, 12:34 PM
Lena plays Diaz Oliva in MD
good luck Lena ;)

Nov 2nd, 2004, 01:42 PM
Well done. Lena keeps her slim chance going for reaching the Aus-Open. For the rest year nothing to defend. Has hardly points to defend till the month of September. Needs a 25 K win and a 25 K final to make it to the Aus-Open.
A couple more wins in Quebec could be just enough..

Nov 2nd, 2004, 04:29 PM
go to here https://fotoalbum.web.de/start/?password=&host=picdina&folder=&guest=&sid=0000000151F32B2E5D790C33076A586BC83B19

you wont need a password now.

Thanks! :D

Nov 2nd, 2004, 04:32 PM
A couple more wins in Quebec could be just enough..That'll put Lena in a fav. position the make the AUS-Open Qual. Considering the form she's in, she's not likely to have first round after first round def. for the rest of the season. Plus a few higher ranked players than Lena are probably going to retire.

Nov 2nd, 2004, 05:30 PM
Lena lost lack of experience at a higher level.

Nov 2nd, 2004, 05:44 PM
Lena :sad: :( 36 26 loss :(

Nov 2nd, 2004, 09:15 PM
thought elena might be able to make it a tough match maybe even have a shot at winning it, lack of exprience i guess. but it was great for her to qualify.

Nov 2nd, 2004, 10:03 PM

Nov 2nd, 2004, 10:57 PM
thanx for the pic elena is :hearts:

Nov 2nd, 2004, 11:13 PM
Gowza : i will try to post all pictures of elena this thursday ;)

Nov 3rd, 2004, 10:11 AM
sure next year she'll do better

Nov 5th, 2004, 03:17 PM







Nov 5th, 2004, 07:26 PM
Anik thanx for the photos :) :wavey:

Nov 5th, 2004, 10:54 PM
yeah thanx heaps!! man elena is hot!

Nov 22nd, 2004, 04:51 PM
Elena V. keeps her slim chance alive to make the AUS-Open Qual. Needs to play Pruhonice next week. She made the Main Draw of the 25 K of Opole.
Pretty sure she'll make it to the GS-Qual next year. US-Open most likely.

Nov 22nd, 2004, 05:44 PM
KV....... Pruhonice was moved to 15 Nov

go Lena ;) :D
good luck in maindraw in Opole :)

Nov 24th, 2004, 02:21 PM
Lena won her 1st rd 63 62 vs Topalova :yeah: :D :)
well done Lena :)

Lena plays Sromova next
good luck Lena :) :hug:

Nov 24th, 2004, 04:01 PM
Good win. Don't think she'll be playing next week. She's on the list the week after. Lena now in a fav. position to reach the RG-Qual. A few good indoor results are needed. GO Lena.

Nov 25th, 2004, 05:42 PM
Best results this year were indoors, hopefully, she'll be playing a large number of indoor tournaments in the future. GO Lena, she's getting closer and closer to the RG-Qual.

Dec 14th, 2004, 08:05 PM
Lena added five more points on the ranking by reaching the 2nd round of the Bergamo 50 K. A few points away from her best ever ranking and closing the gap on he GS-Qual Cut-off.

Dec 16th, 2004, 02:12 AM
Lena bt Nemeckova 76 64 :yeah: :D
another good win :)

she's upto #258
good ending to 2004, another win would see her in top 250

Dec 16th, 2004, 05:45 AM
nice work elena!!!

Dec 16th, 2004, 08:07 AM
well done Elena :)

Dec 16th, 2004, 05:35 PM
Lena took the first step, def. a top 150 ranked player. Getting closer to the top 250 and in fav.postion for RG-Qual. :D Next step should be def. C. Castano, on any surface apart from Red Clay.

Dec 16th, 2004, 10:59 PM
well done elena!

Dec 18th, 2004, 01:32 AM
elena lost to i think ani in 3. was hoping for a win but she got to the quarters so it wasnt too bad.

Feb 21st, 2005, 04:05 PM
Lena won her 1st match of 2005 :D :) in her 2nd event

50k qualies St Paul
bt Jewel Peterson quite easily

next she plays Tatsiana Uvarova
good luck Lena :) time to build up pts before you have to defend.

Feb 21st, 2005, 06:46 PM
Main thing done :)

Feb 21st, 2005, 09:42 PM
well done elena

Feb 21st, 2005, 10:37 PM
word is elena defeated Uvarova

Foot's Fingers
Feb 27th, 2005, 08:04 PM
good luck lena!!!

Apr 15th, 2005, 07:18 PM
Lena is into Semis of 25k in Italy :yeah:

3 good wins as well as qualifying :) (beat Safarova in 1st rd :banana: )
20 pts so far :)

good luck Lena tomorrow vs Maret Ani :)

Foot's Fingers
Apr 15th, 2005, 08:19 PM
Lena i was waiting for too long when yopu will be in top 200 at least

but i can wait a little more if you wil not throw tennis away as Syssoeva or others

Go Lena

Apr 15th, 2005, 08:26 PM
Well done Lena, didn't expect her to go that far. Top 250 calling.

Foot's Fingers
Apr 15th, 2005, 08:46 PM
KV, Lena is a very good player, but sometimes she doesn't trust to herself

Wants to good rep you and TBE but i need to spread some arnd before..... ugy rules...sorry

Apr 16th, 2005, 02:51 PM
Keep it up Elena! Take this title!

Apr 18th, 2005, 08:48 PM
KV, Lena is a very good player, but sometimes she doesn't trust to herself

Wants to good rep you and TBE but i need to spread some arnd before..... ugy rules...sorryI know Lena is a way better all courter than C. Castano. Did well in Italy on Red Clay, happily not many typical clay courters were there. Still rather she plays the 25 K. of Prague or the northern part of Europe on Red Clay.than the Southern part of Europe.

Apr 19th, 2005, 08:58 PM
Lena won her 1st rd match today in 25k Bari
beat and unranked Italian WC easily

go Lena ;) good luck in r2 :)

Apr 21st, 2005, 07:35 PM
Good result, main thing done. Onto GS-Qual, a few good results are still needed on Clay not on grass to make Wimbly. US-Open Qual looks most likely to make.

Apr 22nd, 2005, 04:57 PM
lost in final set TB to Abramovic :( :(

next Lena is in Warsaw
she plays qualies vs Adriana Barna
good luck Lena :)

Apr 22nd, 2005, 06:56 PM
Unlucky to play the in form I. Abramovic. Ranking wise I. Abramovic was expected to win. Now on to Warsaw, convinced the clay of Warsaw suits her game more than Italy.

Apr 23rd, 2005, 11:02 AM
Lena won her 1st match 63 76 vs Ad Barna

well done Lena ;)
now she plays Anna Chakvetadze

best of luck Lena :)

Apr 23rd, 2005, 02:15 PM
great win Lena :yeah: :woohoo: :woohoo: but too bad she has to play against Anna C, i can't cheer for her now :( :( :( :( good luck all the same Lenka :kiss: :bigclap:

Apr 23rd, 2005, 03:14 PM
Again main thing done. She's done it the hard way, just like this Polish tournaments on red clay. It's way different from the southern part of Europe. Attacking tennis is more rewarded. :D

Apr 23rd, 2005, 03:25 PM
Maria K. broke Anna C. 5 times in Miami.
Go after Anna's serve.

Apr 24th, 2005, 12:17 PM
Lena did it the hard way, playing a Tier 2. Played well at Warsaw, afterall Anna's expected to win. Progress made on Red Clay, plus she deserves to play Wimbly.

Apr 28th, 2005, 05:16 AM
wow another russian... any pics?

Apr 28th, 2005, 06:17 PM






http://www.nickaweb.com/PhotoTennis/Vesnina8_quebec2004.jpgHere's some pics :hearts:

Apr 28th, 2005, 07:50 PM
wow another russian... any pics?

check here for her offcourt photos

Tennis Marseille Elena Vesnina (https://fotoalbum.web.de/folder/19270029/?sid=000000A999FEA6FE5D4D120C02E9226ED4F62C) (pics firstly from tourn)
offcourt photos where it says Vesnina04 off01 onwards (82 in total)

Foot's Fingers
May 12th, 2005, 01:36 PM
Lena had a bad losing on $25k

May 15th, 2005, 04:47 PM
Elena is playing in Istanbul

2nd round qualifying - Vesnina d. Uvarova 36 60 61

She will play doubles with Nina Bratchikova

May 15th, 2005, 05:00 PM
Good win :D

May 16th, 2005, 12:21 PM
(7) Elena Vesnina (RUS) d. Vladimira Uhlirova (CZE) 62 62

Into the MD :yeah:

Foot's Fingers
May 16th, 2005, 01:54 PM
Good Luck in Main Draw ;)

May 17th, 2005, 12:14 PM
(Q) Elena Vesnina (RUS) d. (WC) Cagla Buyukakcay (TUR) 61 62

Another impressive win :yeah:

May 17th, 2005, 12:36 PM
Well done Lena, could make it to the Wimbly Qual. ATM, for her sake some players withdraw who struggle on grass. Let's hope it happens, like it's in the past. :)

May 17th, 2005, 01:08 PM
Lena :D :) making the most of the easy draw :)
now things get harder

but i'm sure she can beat Washington on clay.
go Lena, take her out and move into top 200.

Foot's Fingers
May 17th, 2005, 01:11 PM
Lena ;) so now relax and play free of preasure

May 17th, 2005, 02:45 PM
Good start, now keep it going.

May 18th, 2005, 12:50 PM
Lena lost to Washington 57 16 :mad: :rolleyes:

pretty terrible result to say the least as Mashona isnt even one of the best 300 or so on clay.

Lena :( :bigcry: :(

Foot's Fingers
May 18th, 2005, 01:04 PM
oh no, i've expected more :sad:

May 18th, 2005, 01:32 PM
That's quite a shocking result :sad:

Jun 23rd, 2005, 03:48 AM
Galatina (Clay - $25k - Italy - 23p) Jun 5 05
F Mariya Koryttseva - Vesnina(6) 6-3 6-2
SF Vesnina(6) - Bahia Mouhtassine 6-1 6-2
QF Vesnina(6) - Tatiana Poutchek(3) 6-3 6-0
2 Vesnina(6) - Evelyn Fauth 6-4 6-2
1 Vesnina(6) - Matea Mezak 6-1 6-2

Lena tripped up in the final :sad:

Jun 25th, 2005, 04:27 AM

Jul 3rd, 2005, 04:08 PM
$75,000 Fano Qualifying Draw Italy
C75 26 Jun 2005 to 27 Jun 2005 Entry : DA Clay (O)
32 W Valeria BONDARENKO (UKR) 6-4 6-3
16 L Stefanie HAIDNER (AUT) 6-7(5) 0-6

A disappointing result :sad:

Jul 3rd, 2005, 04:43 PM
losing to Haidner :help: :(

Jul 3rd, 2005, 04:46 PM
At least she reached the 25 K. final. Not too good vs. Haidner. Nevertheless Lena deserves to play the GS-Qual.

Jul 4th, 2005, 02:44 PM
Elena is playing $50K Cuneo, Italy this week

She faces Ludmila Skavronskaia in the 1st round

Bounce back from Fano :bounce:

Jul 6th, 2005, 02:30 PM
Skavronskaia def. Vesnina 2-6 6-1 6-4 :bigcry:

Jul 6th, 2005, 02:38 PM
Lena :o :fiery: :(

Jul 6th, 2005, 04:51 PM
Shame Lena didn't play Torun. Have a feeling she'd have done better at Torun than Cuneo and Fano.

Jul 6th, 2005, 06:49 PM
Another players who stands a very good chance to make her GS-Qual debut. Make sure of making more than 1.5 point before the US-Open Qual cut-off. :D

Jul 8th, 2005, 07:58 PM
Quali Draw In Here!!

Lena playing Modena. Good luck then! At least only first round exits and an injury can prevent her from the US-Open Qual. Don't have a good feeling about Lena at Modena.
(1)Selima Sfar vs. Katerina Bohmova
Lina Stanciute vs. Olga Blohotova

(7)Emma Laine vs. (WC)Giulia Gabba
Lioudmila Skavronskaia vs. Petra Cetkovska

(2)Eva Birnerova vs. Olga Savchuk
Tatiana Poutchek vs. Elena Vesnina

(5)Lourdes Dominguez Lino vs. Yulia Beygelzimer
Stephanie Gehrlein vs. Elisa Tamaela

(3)Ekaterina Bychkova vs. Lucie Hradecka
Maret Ani vs. Zsofia Gubacsi

(6)Melinda Czink vs. Mervana Jugic-Salkic
Alice Canepa vs. Monica Niculescu

(4)Anastasia Yakimova vs. Tina Pisnik
Ivana Abramovic vs. (WC)Karin Knapp

(8)Martina Muller vs. (WC)Agnes Szavay
Aniko Kapros vs. (WC)Astrid Besser

Jul 8th, 2005, 10:12 PM
Lena's previous two tournaments in Italy have been disappointing, so let's hope that she can turn that around here.

She's not in the nicest section of the draw, but I think she is going to be okay.

Jul 10th, 2005, 11:26 AM
Lena won her 1st qual match 63 46 63 :bounce: :D

well done Lena ;)

Jul 10th, 2005, 11:42 AM
Nice :yeah:

I hope she isn't too tired for her 2nd round match this afternoon

Jul 10th, 2005, 12:09 PM
Good win, all what's needed US-Open Qual should be sure. Now on the HC's. :D

Jul 10th, 2005, 03:31 PM
Lena d. Olga Savchuk 7-5 6-2 :bigclap: :yippee: :woohoo:

I'm assuming that was the score because the scoreboard went :cuckoo: on MP

Jul 10th, 2005, 03:48 PM
Think that's the result. Scoreboard confused me alot.

Jul 10th, 2005, 03:52 PM
The tournament homepage has been updated, and confirms that the score was 7-5 6-2 :)

Jul 10th, 2005, 04:34 PM
Lena :banana: ;) :D
well done :) :D

good luck tomorrow vs Beygelzimer

Jul 11th, 2005, 11:30 AM
Lena d. Beygelzimer 6-3 6-2 to move into the MD :bigclap: :yippee: :worship: :woohoo:

Foot's Fingers
Jul 11th, 2005, 12:28 PM
:woohoo: another MD for Lena!!!!

Jul 11th, 2005, 12:38 PM
Lena :banana: ;) :D
gonna break top 200 by looks of things ;)

good luck Lena in MD

Jul 11th, 2005, 03:51 PM
Great win one of her best ever. :D

Jul 11th, 2005, 06:24 PM
Lena plays Maja Matevzic in 1st rd
good luck Lena ;)

Jul 12th, 2005, 11:13 AM
Lena won 63 61 :banana: ;) :yeah:

Jul 12th, 2005, 11:27 AM
Lena :bigclap: :yippee:

She'll probably face Flavia in the 2nd round :unsure:

Foot's Fingers
Jul 12th, 2005, 12:45 PM
Very nice win Lena!!!

so she will enter top 200 next Monday ;)

Jul 12th, 2005, 03:51 PM
Top 200, that's what she thoroughly deserves. :D

Jul 13th, 2005, 11:30 AM
I have a treat for Lena fans :D
It's a clip of Lena :angel: playing doubles with Nastya Rodionova in Warsaw :dance:

Click here (http://www.itvp.pl/i.tvp/jands/katalog/type/debel/), scroll down to where the date is 2005-04-29, and you should be able to see it.

:lol: at her squealing after she netted a FH

Jul 15th, 2005, 12:29 AM
(2) Flavia Pennetta (ITA) d. (Q) Elena Vesnina (RUS) 7-6(3) 6-2 :bigcry:

Lena kept it close in the 1st set, and did a great job to qualify and make the 2nd round :yeah: :bowdown:

Jul 15th, 2005, 02:27 AM
Lena :sad: :(
she had a set pt at 6-5 as well after coming back in 1st.

good tourn though :) got to keep moving up.

Foot's Fingers
Jul 15th, 2005, 11:28 AM
Lena - good week

Reminds me Anna C at Stockholm last year :tape:

Foot's Fingers
Jul 15th, 2005, 11:34 AM
I have a treat for Lena fans :D
It's a clip of Lena :angel: playing doubles with Nastya Rodionova in Warsaw :dance:

Click here (http://www.itvp.pl/i.tvp/jands/katalog/type/debel/), scroll down to where the date is 2005-04-29, and you should be able to see it.

:lol: at her squealing after she netted a FH

Thnks for the link :inlove:

Jul 15th, 2005, 02:40 PM
Did well at Modena. May have a Bychkova like season (last season), this season. Not to late to make the top 150 this year. :)

Jul 15th, 2005, 04:31 PM
she looks great wish her good luck :D :D

Jul 15th, 2005, 05:23 PM
Thanks to MSF from the Russian board:


Warsaw 2005

Jul 16th, 2005, 08:23 AM
Qualifying draw - Palermo
(1)Anastasia Yakimova vs. Natalia Gussoni
(WC)Elisa Balsamo vs. (WC)Emily Stellato
(8)Martina Muller vs. Tatiana Poutchek
(WC)Sara Errani vs. (WC)Costanza Pallme Koenig

(2)Marta Marrero vs. Tatsiana Uvarova
Kirsten Flipkens vs. Alberta Brianti
(7)Lubomira Kurhajcova vs. Elena Vesnina
Ekaterina Dzehalevich vs. Ivana Lisjak

(3)Melinda Czink vs. Valentina Sulpizio
Romina Oprandi vs. Giulia Gabba
(5)Elise Tamaela vs. Maria Koryttseva
Katarina Kachlikova vs. Giulia Casoni

(4)Emma Laine vs. Cindy Watson
Nika Ozegovic vs. Valentina Sassi
(6)Maret Ani vs. Stephanie Gehrlein
Olga Savchuk vs. Simona Matei
Let's hope that she can qualify once again :bounce:

Jul 16th, 2005, 08:35 PM
Elena Vesnina d. Lubomira Kurhajcova 26 62 62 :banana: ;) :yeah: :D

well done Lena ;) :D
great comeback :D

now she plays Dzehalevich

Jul 16th, 2005, 11:55 PM
Nice win :yeah:

Now, take out the lower-ranked player :)

Jul 17th, 2005, 09:22 AM
Well done. More points on the ranking. :D

Jul 17th, 2005, 06:29 PM
Lena won again 64 60 :banana: :bounce:

well done Lena ;)
tomorrow she plays Kirsten Flipkens

good luck Lena ;)

Jul 17th, 2005, 06:42 PM
Impressive scoreline :bigclap:

Time to qualify for another MD :D

Jul 17th, 2005, 07:05 PM
Another job done :D

Foot's Fingers
Jul 18th, 2005, 10:58 AM
hope to see 2 in a row good week

Jul 18th, 2005, 05:41 PM
Lena def. K. Flipkens in a close 3-setter. :)

Jul 18th, 2005, 05:47 PM
Yep, Lena won 3-6 7-6 6-4 :bigclap:

Into another MD :worship:

Let's hope for a good placement :angel:

Jul 18th, 2005, 05:57 PM
great win Lena ;) :D :woohoo:

Jul 18th, 2005, 07:36 PM
Doubles MD
Navratilova/Pastikova (1) vs. Laine/Watson
Nuller/Uhlirova vs. Klemenschits/ Klemenschits

D.Lino/L/Vives (3) vs. Casoni/Koryttseva
Kachlikova/Kurhajcova vs. Bondarenko/Vesnina

Parra/Vanc vs. Musgrave/Woehr
q vs. Jans/Rosolska (4)

Ani/Gagliardi vs. Andres/M.Granados
Testud/Vinci vs. Domachowska/Kostanic (2)

Lena is playing with Alyona Bondarenko :yippee: :woohoo:

I read on another board that Lena faces Maret Ani in the 1st round, but I haven't been able to find it on the tournament website yet.
Will have to wait and see...

Jul 19th, 2005, 03:17 AM
OOP for Tuesday
Court 3 (from 15.00hrs)
1. Ani vs. Vesnina

Also, the scoreline in the match with Flipkens was 3-6 7-6(0) 6-4

Foot's Fingers
Jul 19th, 2005, 09:05 AM
Congrats Lena )))

Winnable first rnd match

Jul 19th, 2005, 03:30 PM
Lena lost 67 36 :sad: :bigcry:
lost oppurtunity :(

Jul 19th, 2005, 03:34 PM
A disappointing result :sad:, but still a good job making the MD :yeah:

Good luck in doubles ;)

Jul 20th, 2005, 04:15 PM
A.Bondarenko/Vesnina (UKR/RUS) d. Kachlikova/Kurhajcova (SVK/SVK) 6-2 6-2 :dance: :bounce:

They face Casoni/Koryttseva next.

Foot's Fingers
Jul 21st, 2005, 08:48 AM
Lena lost another chance by loosing to Maret :bigcry:

Good Luck in dbls!!!

Jul 22nd, 2005, 01:19 AM
Casoni/Koryttseva (ITA/UKR) d. A.Bondarenko/Vesnina (UKR/RUS) 3-6 6-4 6-1 :sobbing:

Foot's Fingers
Jul 22nd, 2005, 09:09 AM
End of Italian Story for Lena :sad:

Jul 28th, 2005, 08:11 AM
Good luck on the next one Elena! ;)

Aug 6th, 2005, 02:38 PM
Stockholm qualifying
E. DZEHALEVICH (BLR) - E. VESNINA (RUS) 6-4, 3-6, 6-3 :sobbing:

Aug 6th, 2005, 04:22 PM
Lena turned nineteen
Happy Birthday pics



Aug 6th, 2005, 04:27 PM
Great pics! Elena turned 19 on August 1.

Aug 6th, 2005, 04:29 PM
Stockholm qualifying
E. DZEHALEVICH (BLR) - E. VESNINA (RUS) 6-4, 3-6, 6-3 :sobbing:
By the way... she's won the match!! ;)

Aug 6th, 2005, 04:43 PM
By the way... she's won the match!! ;)Spasibo :wavey:

I got the score from here (http://wtaworld.com/showpost.php?p=5911923&postcount=32), but the tournament website now has the score as E. VESNINA (RUS)- E. DZEHALEVICH (BLR) 6-1, 3-6, 6-3 :)

I should go to wtatour.ru if I want to get correct results ;)

Aug 6th, 2005, 04:51 PM
She really looks fine on these pictures. A Lena win's more likely. :)

Aug 7th, 2005, 01:25 PM
Lena def. Margit Ruutel :clap2:
The tournament website says that the score was 7-5 6-1 6-1 :scratch:

EDIT: The score was 5-7 6-1 6-1 :)

Aug 7th, 2005, 01:44 PM
Lena :yeah: :D :)

the next wave is coming ;)

Aug 7th, 2005, 02:03 PM
Lena job done :)

Aug 8th, 2005, 12:34 PM
E. Laine def. E. Vesnina 6-4 6-0 :bigcry: :help:

Aug 8th, 2005, 01:55 PM
really disappointing ending Lena :bigcry: :sad:

Aug 8th, 2005, 04:44 PM
Was disappointing, pretty sure Lena will do better in the remainder of the season than last year.

Aug 13th, 2005, 07:09 AM
Lena is trying to qualify for the Rogers Cup in Toronto

11 Cohen-Aloro v. [wc] El Tabakh
23 S Uberoi v. Gullickson

12 Fujiwara v. [wc] Fichman
14 Gagliardi v. Vesnina

Good luck! :)

Aug 14th, 2005, 02:05 AM
Elena Vesnina (RUS) d. Emmanuelle Gagliardi (SUI) 6-2 6-2 :dance:

She faces Fujiwara next

Aug 14th, 2005, 08:39 AM
good start Lena in Canada :yeah: ;) :D

now go and qualify, tough match today

go Lena :kiss: ;)

Aug 14th, 2005, 02:47 PM
Some observations posted by Fingon in the GM forum: I guess by Lena you mean Vesnina, she played well, she hits the ball very flat and deep, it worked against Gagliardi because Gagliardi couldn't match the power and needed to come to the net to win points, but I don't know how that high-risk strategy will work against other players.

Aug 14th, 2005, 02:50 PM
One of her best ever perf. :D :bounce:

Aug 15th, 2005, 01:42 AM
Rika Fujiwara (JPN) d. Elena Vesnina (RUS) 3-6 6-3 6-3

Tough loss :sad:

Aug 15th, 2005, 02:53 AM
Lena :sad: :( :(
disapointing in the end :( :(

now next weeks qualies in NY
good luck Lena :) :kiss:

Aug 15th, 2005, 11:46 AM
Here's a report from Lena's 2nd round match that was posted in the GM forum by 416_Man: Fujiwara, on the other hand, is probably one of the best hard court players in the qualifying. I remembered seeing her qualify for so many of the California events and wanted to be sure to watch a glimpse of her again. The crowd which was packed for a court with only lawn chairs as stands, was pro Vesnina. SHe's a great Russian player, but is atleast a step down from someone of Safarova, but she too likes to pretend the ball is her ex boyfriend and whack it for all it's got. It worked for a while and crowd was loving her, and she's a very vocal person. Swearing over line calls, questioning calls, and that pissed Fujiwara to the edge. She pulled it out, by being aggressive, but not ridiculous aggression like Vesnina whacking the ball as hard as she can after the first 2 hits. Merely a case of experience. 10 minutes after, Vesnina was still there signing autographs for all of her loyal cheerers, everyone begging her for a picture, even though her face was not nearly as glowing with energy from on court. As her cart drove down into the distance her face was suddenly red with her tears rolling down. Poor, girl.

Aug 15th, 2005, 11:58 AM
Fair reports to read. Afterall Fujiwara's the fav. to win. Match could've gone either way. Lena's definately progressing from last year.

Aug 15th, 2005, 08:11 PM
I watched a match with Vesnina in stockholm, she qualifinal....she is good and have some wepons but just to inconsistent. When she get a consistent level she will be dangerous.

Aug 16th, 2005, 05:41 PM
Lena is still in Toronto, and she made it into the doubles MD :yeah:

Doubles Qualifying - First Round
(1)Antypina/Vesnina d Fonseca/Krivencheva 8-4

Doubles Qualifying - Second Round
(1)Antypina/Vesnina d (2) Foretz/An.Serra Zanetti 6-3 6-3

Aug 18th, 2005, 04:05 AM
(5)Medina Garrigues/Safina d (Q)Antypina/Vesnina 6-3 7-5 :sad:

Go and qualify for the US Open :p

Aug 18th, 2005, 02:46 PM
Go Elena... win a spot at the US... :)

Aug 23rd, 2005, 12:14 AM
Lena plays Maria Kondratieva in the 1st round of US Open qualies

Good luck! :D

Shonami Slam
Aug 23rd, 2005, 12:19 AM
good luck :)
don't you just love russians with easy names?
it starts elena...it's like getting a HUGE bill, but finding out it's a reciet that you already took care of - OH! it's only vesnina. phew.

tear the field apart!

Aug 24th, 2005, 06:42 PM
Main job done. As for Lena we can talk about the top 150 :D :)

Aug 24th, 2005, 06:44 PM
Lena won 2-6 6-2 6-4 :bigclap:

Nice fightback in the 3rd :yeah:

Aug 24th, 2005, 06:45 PM
Good. One step closer to the main draw.

Aug 24th, 2005, 06:50 PM
that was too close to call
Lena :hug:

Aug 26th, 2005, 12:28 AM
Lena lost 6-2 6-1 to Marina Erakovic - She was disappointing, but this was the furst time in a long time that i haven't cheered for the Russian girl! I'm proud of our Kiwi Marina who is making big strides :)

Aug 26th, 2005, 02:21 AM
Lena :sobbing: :hug:

Qualify for the AO ;)

Sep 8th, 2005, 09:09 PM
Lena into QF of 75k tourn in Denain :banana: :) :D

18.5pts so far

keep going Lena ;) :D

Sep 9th, 2005, 07:13 AM
Go Lena! :bounce:
Good luck in singles and doubles :dance:

Foot's Fingers
Sep 9th, 2005, 08:42 AM
Go Lena!!! Closer to top 100 ;)

Sep 9th, 2005, 02:27 PM
Vesnina d. (WC) Haring 6-1 6-4 :dance:

Foot's Fingers
Sep 9th, 2005, 02:41 PM

Sep 9th, 2005, 09:09 PM
Lena :yeah: another good win ;) :D

Sep 10th, 2005, 07:01 PM
Arantxa Parra Santonja d. Elena Vesnina 6-4 4-6 6-3 :bigcry:

Sep 10th, 2005, 10:28 PM
Never noticed that Vesnina had her own thread :o

:sad: For her semifinal...But reaching semi is quite good.

Sep 11th, 2005, 07:37 PM
Lena :sad: :( :(

she's in France again, she got into maindraw with a SE cos she made semis in Denain.
playing the 75k+H event in Bordeaux

come on Lena, more pts on offer ;)
good luck :kiss:

Sep 11th, 2005, 08:43 PM
Good luck in Bordeaux!

She will face KLASCHKA, Sabine (GER) in the first round.

Foot's Fingers
Sep 12th, 2005, 09:59 AM
Good Luck Lena!!!
Don't stop yr good run ;)

Sep 14th, 2005, 12:16 PM
Elena Vesnina d. Sabine Klaschka 7-5 7-6 :yeah:

Keep winning :dance:

Sep 14th, 2005, 12:40 PM
As expected :D

Foot's Fingers
Sep 14th, 2005, 12:45 PM
congrats Lena ;)

Sep 14th, 2005, 01:19 PM
Elena Vesnina d. Sabine Klaschka 7-5 7-6 :yeah:

Keep winning :dance:
:bounce: Elena :)

Sep 14th, 2005, 01:44 PM

http://www.nickaweb.com/phototennis2005/Vesnina1_Toronto2005.jpg http://www.nickaweb.com/phototennis2005/Vesnina2_Toronto2005.jpg



Sep 14th, 2005, 02:56 PM
lena :woohoo: ;) edging closer and closer to Top 150 ;)

Anik, thanx for pics :kiss: :wavey:

Sep 15th, 2005, 04:14 PM
Lena won again 63 61 vs Poutchek

breaks 150 barrier :yeah: ;) :D

keep going Lena ;)

QF vs Nagyova/Vierin tomorrow
good luck Lena :) :kiss:

Sep 15th, 2005, 04:14 PM
Lena booked comfortable win. For Lena Qual-WC Kremlin Cup more than probably will be avoided. Leaves room for others. Good chance to finish the year in top 150. :D

Sep 15th, 2005, 04:17 PM
Lena :clap2:

Impressive scoreline :yeah:

Sep 16th, 2005, 11:29 AM
Lena into semis :woohoo: ;) :D
beat Vierin 63 40 rtd

keep going Lena :banana: ;) :D

Foot's Fingers
Sep 16th, 2005, 11:43 AM
Keep on track Lena ;)

Good Luck!

Sep 16th, 2005, 04:17 PM
Lena just keeps moving along :dance:

Sep 16th, 2005, 06:11 PM
Good win plus <zy the AUS-Open a seeded Qual on the cards.

Sep 17th, 2005, 04:15 PM
Foretz d. Vesnina 6-1 6-4 :hysteric:

Oct 2nd, 2005, 01:56 PM
Her offcourt photos







Oct 2nd, 2005, 02:07 PM
Great pics! Thanks! :worship:

Lena is in the bottom quarter of the Tashkent MD

(8)Mara Santangelo v Tzipora Obziler
Elena Vesnina v Q

Galina Voskoboeva v Maria Emilia Salerni
(2)Alyona Bondarenko v (wc)Akgul Amanmuradova

Oct 2nd, 2005, 04:50 PM
great pics of Lena ;) :hearts:

hope she can do well in Tashkent :)

Oct 2nd, 2005, 05:20 PM
OMG :drool: :drool: :lick:

Oct 5th, 2005, 11:04 AM
good win for Lena 63 63 vs Nastya Rodionova in Tashkent

go Lena go ;)
plays Obziler next

would be a major disappointment if she didnt win that.

Foot's Fingers
Oct 5th, 2005, 11:13 AM
Lena, it's better to win full thing after you have beat Nastya :mad:

Good Luck girl!

What a pictures!

Oct 5th, 2005, 11:35 AM
Lena :clap2:

Too bad that the win had to come against Nastya :sad:

Win your next match! :D

Oct 5th, 2005, 04:42 PM
Getting closer to top 120, not far away. :D Should be sure of Qual seeded at Aus-Open.

Oct 6th, 2005, 10:29 AM
Elena Vesnina (RUS) d. Tzipora Obziler (ISR) 36 64 60 :woohoo:

Oct 6th, 2005, 10:33 AM
Nice win Lena!:D

Oct 6th, 2005, 11:05 AM
Lena :dance: :worship:

Bagel :D:D:D

Oct 6th, 2005, 11:54 AM
Lena :woohoo: ;) :banana: ;)

and a very winnable QF too.

Foot's Fingers
Oct 6th, 2005, 12:14 PM
Good Result , Lena!!!

Marat Safin fan
Oct 6th, 2005, 01:39 PM
do you think Lena can make top 100 by the end of the year, that would be sooooooo awesome!

Oct 6th, 2005, 03:37 PM
Well done Lena. Now go and qualify for semis, doesn't look like she's going to play Kremlin Cup. Good luck Lena. :D

Oct 6th, 2005, 08:38 PM
do you think Lena can make top 100 by the end of the year, that would be sooooooo awesome!i think whe will, good luck :wavey:

Oct 7th, 2005, 11:01 AM
Amanmuradova d. Vesnina 7-6 3-6 7-6

Such a close match :eek:

Poor Lena :bigcry: :hug:

Foot's Fingers
Oct 7th, 2005, 11:31 AM
oh, lena

seems Akgul is on fire this week

Oct 7th, 2005, 11:56 AM
:mad: :fiery: :(

Oct 7th, 2005, 04:21 PM
Lena got a qualifying WC for the Kremlin Cup :yeah:

Alyona Bondarenko v (wc)Elena Vesnina
(8)Samantha Stosur v Anastasia Yakimova

Oct 7th, 2005, 05:01 PM
Surprisingly needed a KC-Qual WC. Good luck Lena continue your form. Good luck at KC.