View Full Version : Could Anca+Marlene be top30 with musclepower, better serve and mental strength ?

Sep 19th, 2003, 07:31 PM
The indoor season marks the end of the year. German tennis had to qualify for the world group and only Marlene Weingärtner made her way into a 4th round at a Grand Slam.

Now that we all saw what happened to Muller, Roesch and Arn and what surprisingly happened to Schruff and Groenefeld. The first 3 will work on coming back strong. The last 2 will work on climbing higher 2004 and -in Anna-Lenaīs case- starting a career in higher tier events. Regarding Lamade (coming back from injury) and Rittner (winding down her career -she should team with Pratt to be a solid doubles team) I think they make their solid way and live up to their current form of 50-70.

But, honestly, our current top players are Anca and Marlene ability-wise. Sadly enough, Marlene had a BIG start and then fell back as in 2002. She didnīt take her chance to use better rankings for direct entries and some wins but lost. Now she defends her whole success of 2003 in event in the beginning of 2004 again and then has to re-climb the rankings if not defending anything. Injury or not, Marlena has 3 big weaknesses and I donīt understand why she does not work on that:

- mental weakness
- serve weakness
- muscle weakness

If you look at her arms, compared to power players she seems to weak, I donīt understand why she let herself get so much intimidated by other players. She should work on her muscles and get fitter and then her smart game would work so much more. She has the eyes of a Hingis but she has the same problem as Martina matching the power game.

Anca, in a way, has the same problems but is so much more a smart player and a lefty too that she manages to threaten a number of top30 players. I think she can do same damage to enter the top40 soon and then itīs not too far away to get a top32 seed for a GS and avoid big draws in person of seeded players too early in a GS. But she should add some muscles too to get fitter.

I think that fitness avoids injuries and Marlene is soooo often injured (though itīs her back most of the time) that this is the part she needs improvement in. Her mental block is always in German events where she goes out early - as I foresee against Rittner tomorrow in Leipzig.

Oct 9th, 2003, 11:43 PM
First, ALG is going 2B the best GER soon enough. Re. the (renamed ;)) BBL (Betrayed Blonde Lefty), here's a more realistic suggestion than artificially created points or whatever to compensate her for the RAL (Rape At Leipzig). Let the DTB raise the money to send her to some world-class crosstraining facility ala how Martina I had trainers, nutritionists, etc. help her gain the upper hand ova Chrissie long ago.