View Full Version : Help! Should I be so worried about College?

Aug 12th, 2003, 07:10 AM
Right now I feel the ulcers forming. I am mega-super stressed about college, which begins the 25th! (I won't be here much longer.) I have to move in the 20th, which I am dreading, and then I have to sit around and attend all these crappy activities. I am not looking forward to moving in; I can't fathom living with someone else in such tight quarters; the thought freaks me out! I also am dreading leaving my dog, my two cats, my birds, and my 50 some-odd fish behind. Granted, the college is only about 75 miles way from home, but still. I have no flipping idea what I want to go into. (I have declared Education, but I really want to work with animals.) I don't even know if I am going to make it. I wasn't the most brillant student out there, I only pulled a 3.4 out of my rear because I had a good Senior year. How am I going to do all the studying? I have mega super test anxiety, and I hate the idea of having so many important tests? Ahhh! :sad: :confused:

Aug 12th, 2003, 07:11 AM
*Brunof vomits on his hand and it spills on the keyboard*

Aug 12th, 2003, 07:12 AM
I am also going to miss the Open for the first time in 5 years!

Aug 12th, 2003, 07:16 AM
whoa calm down, itll be ok

most students dont know what they want in the first two years of college... a lot of major changes happen. and even those who graduate with a degree dont always work in that field. you can always go back or take night classes while working a fulltime job w your degree.

you still have plenty of time, honey :)

my advice: pace your studying and try not to party too much [but party a bit otherwise youll be exhausted from too much work]. its all about balance.

Aug 12th, 2003, 07:29 AM
Ahhh! Did you find college to be more academically challenging or just more up to you? (I have heard both)

So many things! Will my roomate like me? Will I be a stinky slob? Will I miss this place a ton? ;)

Decemberlove - Thanks! :) I not big into the parties. Never was in High School. Never drank (Not even a drop! Pathetic I know.) and haven't done drugs, romped everyone in sight, etc. I also am afraid since I have been so sheltered that I don't turn into a mega drunken partier! Ahh!

Aug 12th, 2003, 07:42 AM
lmao, brunof!

It really depends on the university you go to how challenging it is. At my school, it's barely worse than high school. But really, it's fifty times better. The first thing you should ask at all of your classes is: "what's the attendance policy?" if you can never go to class, and just read the book and still get an A, that's a good class ;)

The best way to find out what professors to take is to ask some upper classmen. If you're going to an orientation...most of the people there are juniors or seniors, and IMPLEMENT THEIR ADVICE! All of them have at least been through your university core classes (like freshman composition, U.S. History, maths, basic sciences, etc.) and know which professors are better to take than others. Just ask their advice, it's what they're there for.

Also, some professors will try to scare you with the "for every credit hour you take, you should do two/three hours of studying" (i.e. if you're taking 15 hours, you should do 45 hours of studying per week). Believe me, THAT is bullshit. Especially for your core classes. If that were true, the average person would NEVER GRADUATE!

Aside from that...since you're living in the dorms, take love's advice, have some fun. You're away from home and your parents for a reason. Good luck :)

Aug 12th, 2003, 08:03 AM
Also, some professors will try to scare you with the "for every credit hour you take, you should do two/three hours of studying" (i.e. if you're taking 15 hours, you should do 45 hours of studying per week). Believe me, THAT is bullshit. Especially for your core classes. If that were true, the average person would NEVER GRADUATE!

soooooooo true! even our schools website has some bullshit about that.

brunof, the best way to study, is after every chapter, take your notes from the class and your own notes from the book, and make an outline. that way, come exam study time, youll have a nice outline for every chapter and wont have to stress out about cramming. youll have to study a few hours but you wont have to pull all-nighters with this method. if youre prone to stress [you seem to be] this is something you should follow strictly.

you dont happen to live in the us, do you? www.ratemyprofessors.com has students rate teachers/class for almost every school in the us.

a good research site for finding a possible future career or major for you is www.princetonreview.com even if you arent living in the us, it tells you nice stats about almost every career, and what degrees can help you get there.

i dont dorm cos i chose to go to my community college for the first two years. my parents cant really afford to send me away and i dont want to have to take out a loan until later when i want my masters. the school i plan to transfer to, i will commute to. when i go elsewhere for my masters, ill prolly just get a place around in that area witha friend.

i made a lot of mistakes the first year of college by ignoring my classes and never going. now im paying for that by doubling my class amount. im speaking from experience when i say follow that studying method above and try to make it to class.

i finished all my partying in HS, i was a wild girl. now im an angel [well, sort of] and all the good girls from HS have turned into major drunk, pothead, SLUTS. try to stick to your morals but loosen up a bit [ONLY A BIT!] like i said, all studying will kill your mood and ruin the college experience for you. also, try and join some clubs/groups. its the easiest way to make new friends :)

wow, ive typed a lot. btw, i found college to be easier than hs and much more enjoyable. some classes are a bit rough, only cos i actually have to do homework where in HS i just bullshitted my way through. but overall, even the supposedly hardest classes i found fairly easy.

Aug 12th, 2003, 08:06 AM
Except for the bill, I actually found college easier than high school. I went to a Catholic high school and attendence was taken in every class. In college, I ditched half my classes and still got A's. Most of the classes were pretty easy as well. I ran into a couple hard ones, but still did pretty well in them.

There were a couple classes that claimed to drop your grade if you skip, but I skipped 2/3 of the classes and still got an A - I think most of those classes that claim that are just bluffing. I skipped my forensic science class two straight weeks. When I finally went to school, I forgot which classroom it was in and I didn't have my schedule with me so I had to go home as soon as I got there. My record for skipping classes is 3 weeks - though I never did that again because the teacher moved the test day and there was a test on the day I got back and I didn't know it. I lucked out by going back when I did.

For me, the hardest thing about college was the moving. I have a lot of crap so it was a pain in the ass packing and moving.