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Jul 28th, 2003, 04:34 AM
I didn't even know I was going to go until this morning (my boyfriend had a spare ticket, so I went with him), but it was very good tennis all around. I had never been to a WTT match, but they were def fun. The only bad part was that some people were throwing a concert on the lawn right outside the stadium, so you heard Elvis Presley songs for the entire 2 1/2 hours lol. The players were getting so pissed!

Mens singles-Glenn Weiner (SP) vs. Dustin Brown (NY)
Dustin was a last minute fill in for Patrick Mcenroe, and is currently playing on the satellite. He's a 6'5" Jamaican guy with rasta dreads and a huge serve. Weiner is more of a doubs specialist. The first game Brown was obviously nervous and dropped his serve, but broke right back to level the match. Brown was a serve and volleyer who can't volley :o while Glenn had an assortment of touch and angled shots, but lacked power. The two of them held serve all the way to 3-3. Brown went down 30-40 on his serve but saved that break point with a backhand pass and won the deuce point (WTT is no-ad scoring) when Glenn netted a low backhand volley. Brown came alive in the third game with a backhand topspin lob winner, thunderous forehand return of serve winner, and a backhand return of serve winner. He blew the first match point with an ungly forehand but then ripped a backhand that Weiner barely got a racket on.

NY 5 SP 3

Womens doubs-Bielik/Peng (NY) vs. De Los Rios/Miyagi
Bea is a righty with a huge serve and her partner, Shaui Peng plays like Monica Seles with 2 hands on both sides. Miyagi plays with 2 hands on both sides as well while De Los Rios is a righty with a 2 handed backhand. I have to say Bea is an awful doubles player :o She missed several easy volleys and overheads (one of them she shanked into the upper row of seats). I was really impressed by Shuaii and Miyagi. They had some amazing swing volleys and were very energetic and supportive to their partners the whole way. The match started with Rosanna De Los Rios getting broken and Bea holding at love (finishing off w/a nice 113 ace up the middle). Miyagi held at 30 to make it 1-2. Peng struggled with her serve in this game. She hit a huge backhand pass on Rosanna to go up 15-0, but a couple of double faults, a Bielik volley error and a god-awful overhead by Peng leveled the match at 2-2. Rossanna got broken again and let out a primal scream. Bielik got broken at deuce with a great backhand volley from Miyagi. Bea was sort of sulking after that and in no mood for Shaui's pep talks. Miyagi held at 30 with some nice passing shots and Shaui got on board in the hold department to make it 4-4. They played a tiebreak (first to 5) and Rosanna/Nana completely fell apart. They made four straight errors before creeping in at 2-4. Peng was up to bat with her three serves and Bea put her arm around Peng as if to reassure her she could do this. Shuai took a deep breath and cracked a service winner to make it 5-4 for NY

NY 10 SP 7

Mens doubles-Brown/Ferriera (NY) vs. Kratzmann/Weiner
Not much to report here. Shitload of errors from Brown/Ferriera. All the Springfield team had to do was put it in the court. Boorrrriiinnnggg. 5-1 win for Springfield

NY 11 SP 12

Womens singles-Bielik (NY) vs. De Los Rios (SP)
I saw Bea play singles last year and was not impressed at all. I thought she was just a serve and that's it. She seems to have added more to her game though. Her backhand still needs to be a lot deeper and she either needs to fix her slice backhand or stop hitting it, but her forehand (especially the way she runs around it), reminds me a lot of Steffi Graf. It's obviously not as potent lol, but you get the idea. Bea started off slowly, making four straight forehand errors to give Rossana an early head. Bea then hit a backhand way long and a double fault before muttering "C'mon Bea, this is bullshit." Bea had a bit of a temper out there. Her string broke the next point and she muttered "Of course, of course, my fucking racket just had to break now." She eked out a hold by getting four 105+ MPH first serves in. When Bea got her first serve in, Rosaanna couldn't return it, simple as that. They each traded service holds before Bielik broke at 2-2 with a forehand winner, yelling out "COME ON!" Rosanna played her best game of the match down 2-3, returning all of Bielik's first serves and hitting a backhand winner and a delicate drop shot to level the match at 3 apiece. Bea was not happy w/herself and muttered out "Fuckin A, let's go!" Bea got Rosanna down 15-40 on her serve but made three straight forehand errors to give her the hold, causing Bea to chuck her racket in disgust. Down 3-4, Bea hit a serve that appeared to be an ace but was called out. "Are you out of your mind?! No Way!" she cried out, but to no avail. She walked back to the baseline and hit an ace. Then another. And another. And another. She got the loudest applause of the evening as she rode her ace game to 4-4. Rossana fell apart in the tiebreak and Bea took it convincingly to give NY a 5-4 win and level the match.

NY 16 SP 16

Mixed doubs-Ferriera/Bielik vs. Miyagi/Weiner.
Ellis shockingly couldn't hit a volley to save his life and Bea surprisingly looked like she didn't give a shit and just wanted to go home. Ellis dropped his serve as well as Bea, followed by a Kratzman hold to down 3-0. Bea ripped a couple of shots right at Miyagi's face :eek: to break her and trail 1-3. Ellis Ferriera got broken again (even Nana Miyagi was taking a big cut at his first serve) and they went down 1-4. Weiner got a bit nervous and was broken to cut the lead to 4-2. Bea hit two straight doubles and eventually went down 15-40 with a beautiful shot by Weiner down the middle. Bea hit a service winner on Miyagi to go down 30-40, but missed a routine forehand volley on the second match point and smacked a ball sky high in disgust. Game, set and match Springfield by 21-19. Bea was pissed and didn't even sign autographs afterwards. Rossanna signed my tennis ball and I got a pic with her :)

Jul 28th, 2003, 05:50 AM
Go Bea. :)