View Full Version : Who are Alex Stevenson's past and recent doubles partners?

Dawn Marie
Jan 29th, 2002, 03:56 AM
People great with finding stats can you help me get a list of All Alex's doubles partners that she has ever played with?

Thank you:)

Jan 29th, 2002, 04:00 AM
Alex Stevenson/Jelena Dokic at the Family Circle Cup 2000.

Sam said some comments to Jelena that Jelena found hurtful and since then, has said she thinks it's better if she stays away from those type of people.

Dawn Marie
Jan 29th, 2002, 04:10 AM
wow so she played with Jelly jubilee? cool:)

I think she played with Nadia Petrova too.. I think?

I want long list of stats on this.. maybe i will do a search. Hey anyone know where I can find this info quickly?

Jan 29th, 2002, 04:12 AM

Jan 29th, 2002, 04:17 AM
She played with Coetzer once, too, I think.

Isn't there an ITF database somewhere?

Dawn Marie
Jan 29th, 2002, 04:28 AM
i dont even know what an ITF database is:eek: :) help!

Jan 29th, 2002, 04:34 AM
lol! It's at http://onlinesql.itftennis.com/

but you're still SOL on the doubles question - they don't seem to have those stats. Sorry.

Dawn Marie
Jan 29th, 2002, 04:37 AM
ok thanks:) Damn!:)

Randy H
Jan 29th, 2002, 05:48 AM
Here are Alexandra's past partners in doubles...Might be others in challengers, or a few from doubles qualifying that I was unable to find, but these are pretty much it I think.


Dominikovic, Osterloh, Serna, Myskina, Bedanova


Coetzer, Molik, Lucic, Dokic, Serna, Snyder, Petrova, Webb, Osterloh


Pisnik, McNeil


Narvaez, Capriati

Jan 29th, 2002, 05:51 AM
Capriati? that's pretty interesting

Jan 29th, 2002, 06:07 AM
The only other one I can add to that list is Rika Hiraki, with whom she played in Birmingham. Tenniscorner.net is the best place for archived results but they only began keeping track of doubles last year... so only 2001 stats are there. But, from what I can see she paired with Osterloh often. Also, don't forget her partnership with Elena Bovina at the Aussie! :D

Dawn Marie
Jan 29th, 2002, 07:45 AM
Wow, Alexandra sure had many different doubles partners...I really believe that she gets along with many players on the tour.:)

Jan 29th, 2002, 02:22 PM
She played with Jennifer at the US Open in 1998 and they lost 1R to Virag Csurgo (Hun) and Eun-Ha Kim (Kor) 1-6 7-5 2-6.

Jan 29th, 2002, 03:11 PM
Her best doubles result to the best of my knowledge was a semi-finalist with Coetzer at the 2000 Pan Pacific Open....but then again I don't follow her results that much, so i could be wrong, and her best result could be somewhere else....

auntie janie
Jan 29th, 2002, 07:08 PM
Played with Bovina this year, for the world record in doubles team Combined Height!

Jan 30th, 2002, 02:19 AM
I think she was due to play alongside Julie HD in 2000...can't recall if they ended up doing so.

If so, I don't think they could have got far...one of the few times Julie came up short that year.

Jan 30th, 2002, 08:30 AM
"I really believe that she gets along with many players on the tour"

Yeah, could be that, or it could be the possibility that all the players get over her so quickly they dont wanna play more than one tournament together!!!

ILUVJELENA - Dont leave us hangin like that dude!! We wanna know what Alex said to jelena... Spill the dirt!!!!:)