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Shuji Shuriken
Jul 17th, 2003, 12:51 AM
I received this forward and found it kinda funny :lol::

Black For 5 Minutes

A little white boy was watching his mother in the kitchen making a
chocolate cake from scratch.

While the mother had her head turned, the little white boy went to the
dipped both hands in the chocolate frosting and covered his face with it.

The mother turned around to see what the boy was doing and said "Boy, what the hell are you doing?

The son gleefully replied "Look Mama! I'm black!!!"

The mother became enraged and slapped the crap out of her son.

She then said "Boy, go show your father what you've done!

The boy then walked into the den where his father was reading and said
"Look Daddy! I'm black!!"

The father put his magazine down with a very puzzled look on his face
the chocolate on the boy's face.)

The father said "Come here, boy!" The boy came to him and the father
his son across his head.

The father angrily said "Now go show your grandpa what you've done!!!"

The boy then slowly walked to his grandpa who was on the porch and said, "Um... Grandpa. Look what I did. I'm black now"

The grandfather said gruffly, "COME HERE BOY!" The grandfather took the boy

over his knee and proceeded to spank him.

"That'll teach you! Now go back in the kitchen with your mama!!!

The boy walks back in the kitchen and the mother said "I hope you've
your lesson, young man!"

The boy says with a scowl on his face "Hell yeah! I've been black for 5
minutes and I hate you white mothafucka's

Jul 17th, 2003, 01:23 AM