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Brian Stewart
Jul 15th, 2003, 09:05 AM
I've recently seen some TV commercials that make me wonder-- don't these people think at all when writing them?

One is that new Tampax commercial. I think the product is Tampax Pearl. The woman is at a party, and goes into the bathroom to change her tampon. She sets it on the window sill, in front of an open window, and (surprise!) it falls out. Then the woman has to go through the arduous task of retrieving it, because no other "regular" tampon will do.

Now, granted, I have no experience with the product in question, but I have to ask: would you set a tampon on a window sill in front of an open window? For that matter, would you change your tampon with the bathroom window and curtains wide open? (And if so, where do you live?)

Stupid commercial 2: Have you seen the new Arby's commercials with their new mascot "Oven Mitt"? Have you seen the one where he discovers he doesn't have a nose? So he puts on the fake Groucho nose and glasses. Then one of the workers asks him how the glasses are staying on if he doesn't have any ears. Cut to the front of the restaurant, where the customers and counter personnel are, as we hear his voice yelling from the back "I DON'T HAVE ANY EARS!"

Think about it. If you're in a restaurant that specializes in serving sliced meat, and you hear a voice screaming from the back that he doesn't have any ears, would you eat there? Wouldn't you start wondering about the content of the sandwiches?

Yet another commercial was animated. It was for a laxative. While a woman's voice told us about the effectiveness of the product, her animated counterpart was being tossed in the air repeatedly on a big blanket. Do you really want to be doing that to someone who just took a laxative? Particularly an effective, fast-acting laxative?

And still another commercial was a local one for a store that specializes in offering low prices on appliances and electronics. In it, a mom and dad tell their young daughter that they didn't just get the big screen TV for themselves; it's also for her (so she can watch educational programming, etc.). So she'd just have to wait until next year for her braces. The daughter smiles, revealing a set of horribly crooked teeth, as the voice-over announcer admonishes "You should of gone to (name of store)".

"Grammar? She's fine!"

Jul 15th, 2003, 10:03 AM
LOL Brian, I obviously haven't seen any of these commercials by I can easily imagine what they were like going by your description. There are too many stupid commercials. I've yet to see a good one for washing powder (or liquid). I can't believe people are paid to come up with something as unoriginal as that.

Fortunately there are some good commercials as well, I love those commercial breakdown shows.

I remember this one Australian, I believe, commercial that was very funny:

A young guy, wearing coveralls covered in flashy green paint, carrying paint bucket and brush, rings at the door of a big fancy villa. The rich owner opens the door, guy asks to be payed, "I've finished painting your porch, sir." Rich guy gives him money. Then the guy adds, "BTW, it's not Porche but a Ferrari!"
Then they show a flashy green, freshly painted Ferrari!

Jul 15th, 2003, 10:07 AM
The commercials I can't stand are the ones for those gel soles and they keep saying stuff like "I'm gellin like a felon". Is that supposed to be clever? Those commercials are so annoying.

Shuji Shuriken
Jul 15th, 2003, 01:20 PM
The commercials I can't stand are the ones for those gel soles and they keep saying stuff like "I'm gellin like a felon". Is that supposed to be clever? Those commercials are so annoying.
:worship:...I hate that stupid commercial :mad: