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Jul 13th, 2003, 03:31 PM
I know there are many festivlas in Englad and USA and other places but Irelnad has one huge one and its on this weekend for the 4th year running. I was there yesterday and was neart the front for coldplay - who were amazing, I was also at the sugababes (by accident) although they were suprisingly good and had the whole crowd clapping and singing etc- they have a song called Virgin sexy and Heidi shouted ''this is for all you virgins out there!'' LOL. The best band I saw though were the thrills they were in a big tent and the atmosphere was great - me and my friends were right at the front. I heard they played Glastonbury too - they'll be releasing in the USA soon so you will all get to hear them!just thought id fill you in :woohoo: I think ill go to bed now , got about 3 hours sleep!