View Full Version : New series of Teachers on in UK starting soon... but had it already lost its magic?

Jul 11th, 2003, 11:53 PM
The first series of Teachers was absolutely fantastic, one of the best "sitcoms" on TV, used to plan my week round watching it it was that good/I was that sad. Six episodes, one hour long, very funny, brilliant characters and superb acting.

The second series started off great too... including the best one to date, when Brian, the PE teacher was questioning his sexuality.

Strangely enough after that episode, the show lost its shine. Suddenly it didnt matter if you missed it... suddenly you werent talking about last nights episode in the common room the next day... it was as though the writers were running out of ideas mid-series, which is unusual. Usually with sitcoms you have a good series and a bad series, you dont have a good first few episodes then weak ones towards the end. But with Teachers it dragged on, and you actually became to not so much dislike the characters, but become over-familiarised with them.

However, it's back for a third series. Andrew Lincoln is back as Simon (although in the trailer he only features once) when he went away in the second series I think that contributed to the shows' "downfall". Lincoln's a brilliant actor who is perfect for the role of Simon who is a great character and he has to feature more in it.

I hope it can go back to the standard of the first series, after seeing the trailer I'm not so convinced but then again they are trailers and you cannot take much from them usually.

It would be such a shame if what was originally unmissable television turns out to be something that fades out into the background.

Here's hoping for a good series! (And more animals in corridors!)

Jul 12th, 2003, 01:54 AM
Joey! Another Teachers fan :worship: Your post sums up how I felt about series 2 as well except you put it a whole lot better than I could. As soon as Andrew Lincoln left I think I even missed a few episodes because it was not must-see for me anymore. The two flatmates Brian and Kurt were funny in series one but there was too much of them in series 2. The gay character was good looking and obviously brought in to replace Andrew's character but Andrew is sexy AND talented and even though his character is quite whiny I really liked him still. I think this new series will not top the first one because that was classic! The new teacher with the breast implants was not great either. Also another thing I love about Teachers is the music, they play great songs in it! I bought the soundtrack :o Only Andrew Lincoln's return is making me watch the new series at all. I hope it is the great show it once was again :) Also what is with that weird little headmistresses assistant? She is quite freaky!

Jul 12th, 2003, 09:45 AM
No-one can replace Simon, he's just a brilliant character. I think that the main characters from the first series all had that chemistry, and if you took one away or started to piss about with that circle of characters then the show would go downhill.

Carol (with the wandering eye) rules! When she was singing Rick Astley to Kurt! Classic!

Jul 12th, 2003, 11:34 AM
I agree with you about the show series one was great but series 2 was worse.

I'll watch series 3 and hope it will be good!

Jul 12th, 2003, 12:17 PM
Series one also had that sexual tension between Simon and Jenny, you always knew somethin was going to crack off, and I think Simon's class change ruined it... the bit parts played by his students in the first series contributed to Simon's role as a teacher, he seemed quite a bumbling figure but underneath you knew he was a damn good teacher by the way he got on well with his students.

The first series was classic television and I could go on and on and on about how good it was until I bore myself and everyone else senseless. They probably should have left it there. Kinda like the League of Gents, should have left it after the second series.

Jul 12th, 2003, 02:39 PM
I used to watch it last year while being there in UK and I really loved it, it was simple and smart....the couple of Simon's friends were great too, I was always laughing at the Hindu one....:lol:

Nov 1st, 2003, 09:02 PM
The series is over already :sad: I really enjoyed it. Of course not as funny as previous series' but still good imo. I liked the romance between Matt & Lindsay :D Plus, Brian and Kurt still classic :lol:

Nov 1st, 2003, 09:40 PM
I enjoy watching Teachers, but didn't see the last few episodes of this series, but like many of you I didn't think the last series was as funny as the 1st