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Jul 10th, 2003, 07:03 PM

From Eurosport: interview with Guy Forget :D

Forget: "One must gain"

Even if Spain constitutes a frightening adversary, especially at residence and a fortiori on beaten ground, the tricolour captain considers his players able to pass the Iberian obstacle, if they evolve/move on their best level. Explanations.


QUESTION: Did Guy, in the light of the first victorious turn against Colombia, the team of France, according to you, cross a course?

GUY FORGET: "In a certain direction, yes. Each one starts with well finding its place in the group. The girls are, since some meetings, able to produce a tennis which is good as a whole. An additional course will be crossed when one disputes a new final phase with the advisability of beating large teams."

Q: "Until the year spent a little too much, you found your team" wise ". She dominated the teams of her level but did not manage to impose itself vis-a-vis to the nations supposed stronger. Can that change this year?"

G.F.: "One is there for that. One played Colombia, now one faces Spain. Spain is strong, but does not form part of the very best teams. It is a meeting which one must gain. Then, if one passes, it will be necessary to be transcended to beat teams like Belgium or the United States which is, they, still a notch above."

Q: "Which lessons you did retain of this first turn?"

G.F.: "Amélie (Mauresmo) crossed a psychological course. It is much more constant. For its part, Nathalie (Dechy) did much progress in double, which makes our pair stronger. Young people, they, progressed well into simple. But most important, it is to want to come and want all to give."


Q: Do you have recent news of Amélie Mauresmo?

G.F.: "I have news which is rather good."

Q: Do you fear that its failure vis-a-vis in Serena Williams in Roland-Garros, then its fixed price in Wimbledon, are prejudicial for him for this meeting?

G.F.: "I do not believe that his defeat in Roland-Garros either so serious that that. Serena Williams showed that it is the largest player of the world. And this day, Amélie was inclined vis-a-vis in Serena which took it speed. But for me, it at all dramatic and that is not formed part of its training."

"All that I know, it is that the rest taken thereafter will enable him to face the Spanish ones with much desire." :bounce: :D :dance: :yippee:


Q: Nathalie Dechy does not cease progressing and seems from now on more capable to assist Amélie Mauresmo in her role of leader. Is this your feeling?

G.F.: "They get along well, and there is a serenity within this group which gives pleasure to see. Our adversaries see in our team Amélie Mauresmo which forms part of the six best players of the world and an increasingly regular Nathalie Dechy on the most level. To beat it, should be carried out the perfect match. It is a positive point for us."

Q: Can you comment on the arrival of Stéphanie Cohen-Aloro within the group?

G.F.: "Stéphanie progresses month in month. Today, it deserves its selection. Since the beginning of the year, it is present among eighty the better world ones. It practises a very beautiful play, complete. I like its attitude much. It is a girl who brawls on the ground. It has features of character which I seek."

"Its arrival in the group will enable me to make fuller knowledge with it. I thus have of four complementary players, talent and especially character. As with the boys out of Davis Cut, I have the chance to have a group of very competitive girls."

Q: The good results of Mary did Pierce in Wimbledon pose you problems to establish your selection?

G.F.: Mary carried out much progress since Roland-Garros. In one month, it will be even stronger. But the beaten ground request much for mobility and I think that it is still perfectible in this field. It will be held ready if I call upon it.

Q: Carries it France club is not closed to him?

G.F.: Not, at all, quite to the contrary.


Q: What do you think of the team of Spain?

G.F.: "They are true beaten ground players. Virginia Ruano Pascual is one of the best players of double in the world. It also plays very well into simple. Moreover, with Magui Serna and Cristina Torrens-Valero, Spain rests on championnes of talent which will not return the easy task to us."

"These players of experiment are certainly less strong than the Belgians or the American ones, but, at them, they are very difficult to beat. We will have to practise an offensive tennis if one wants to pass.

Q: Which will be the key of the meeting?

G.F.: Determination. It will have to be shown them that if one plays well, one is above, and that one is able to practise a tennis of very high level. Their to make feel that Amélie and Nathalie can impose their style of play and beat them with the regular one. The attitude on the ground will be essential.

Q: In is your eyes, which the favourite of the meeting?

G.F.: On paper, we are it. But knowing that one evolves/moves outside, it is balanced. It is of the 50-50, even if of the bottom of me, I think that one is stronger.


Q: "How you chose Biarritz like place of training course?"

G.F.: It is that one does not play very far from Biarritz. The climatic conditions in the Basque Country are rather pleasant. There is a club which accomodates us. And I know that Amélie goes often over there. As for me, I have a house there thus I do not spend badly time there. One thus will find oneself there before rejoining Oviedo in the car. The training course will consist of a work of adaptation to the ground beaten to find the rounder slips, trajectories, the breath by making joggings or exchanges a little longer on the court "

Jul 10th, 2003, 07:33 PM

Q: What do you think of the team of Spain?

G.F.: "They are true beaten ground players. Virginia Ruano Pascual is one of the best players of double in the world. It also plays very well into simple. Moreover, with Magui Serna and Cristina Torrens-Valero, :confused: :confused: :confused: Spain rests on championnes of talent which will not return the easy task to us."..."


Spanish team:

Magüi Serna
Mª Antonia Sánchez Lorenzo
Vivi Ruano
Anabel Medina


Jul 10th, 2003, 09:20 PM

la joueuse de tennis française Amélie Mauresmo pratique le surf, le 10 juillet 2003 à Anglet, lors d'un stage d'entraînement de l'équipe de France de Tennis pour la Fed Cup.

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Jul 10th, 2003, 09:44 PM
:drool: http://eur.news1.yimg.com/eur.yimg.com/xp/afp_photo/20030710/sge.gfk15.100703195343.photo00.default-384x262.jpg

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Jul 10th, 2003, 10:11 PM
For Lindsayfan ;)


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LOL Linnie :p

happy to know amelie is fine and she's practising again ;)

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Jul 11th, 2003, 03:33 PM
Thanks to Minou on the official forum, from L'equipe (babblefished :rolleyes: )

"To find the rate/rhythm"

AMÉLIE MAURESMO sets out again towards her objectives (Fed Cup, US round) with a thirst to join again with the victory.

"AMÉLIE, HOW you feel, physically and mentally?
- the problem of coast occurred after Roland-Garros (a tear intercostale) is well reabsorbed. I still have a little bit of apprehension to the service, but I think that that will disappear. Lately, I discussed well physically. I have right need to find the rate/rhythm. Mental side, I benefitted from this cut to empty the head, décompresser, to think of another thing...

- In which state of mind you included the racket?
- I repaired in the ball in Geneva in last weekend. And here, while arriving yesterday (Wednesday), I typed with Guy (Forget) while waiting for all the team, and today (yesterday), we really tackled the training course. I am delighted that my recovery is carried out in group, in the context of the EDF Cup. It is a super emulation to smash itself, to give the maximum. I am not anxious as for my chances to find my level quickly.

- you followed Wimbledon during your holidays?
- Not too, not. I with the variation, was isolated, some share in Corsica. Frankly, that made me good be cut world.

- a reader of L'equipe invited us to say to us that the journalists, in general, had put too much pressure to you before Roland Garros. This is your feeling?
- It is nice, it defends me! But I believe that its statute should be assumed. I am number 1 Frenchwoman, among the five or seven better players of the world, I estimate that with the results that I had made before, it was normal that one proposes to me. And moreover, to be completely honest, I did not see a tenth of what was made on me before Roland. My conclusion, it is that it is necessary that I manage to better manage the pressure than I did it.

- the last strong moment which remains us in memory, it is your arrival on the exchange of Roland-Garros in quarterfinal. Serena Williams makes you the blow of the eye of the tiger, and you, you move back... How you lived these moments?
- One spoke to me much about this incredible glance, but me, I did not see it. On the other hand, I very badly reacted to the fact of being attacked, and to see it starting the so strong match, with this desire of... crushing me, what. Me, I was not enough strong to nourish that, and to pass above. I completely underwent the trick.

- you were surprised?
- Yes, I was surprised. Because I had at the head the match of Rome. But actually, both matches were by no means comparable, neither in environment, neither in the play, nor in the stake... I was completely inhibited by this aggression.

- This explanation, you could have given it as of the shortly after the defeat?
- Not! It is the advantage of taking retreat, to be able to reflect. I spoke about it with ' s-Hertogenbosch. I spoke again about it on holiday: it is very significant to learn how to benefit from its errors. I hope to react the next time differently. Because to lose, it is nothing, but it is the manner...

"I think that I digested my disappointment"

- Loïc Courteau was annoyed to see you crushing black thoughts, to start to almost call all the building in question for a defeat...
- I had never found myself in this state on a ground: on the nerves, completely irritated, lack total of clearness... It was anything. It was not me, but a tired player, very mentally, too touched.

- Without the wound intercostale, you would have gone to Wimbledon in this state?
- (Long hesitation.) I would have gone there, undoubtedly, nevertheless, whereas at the bottom of me I knew that I could nothing make of good in Wimbledon. I tried to find energy, and I did not reach that point.

- That you the fact inspires that Justine Henin beats Serena and gains the tournament?
- Justine knew to draw a force from the French public, while Serena, some share, made the expenses of my elimination. The way in which it was accomodated by the public was impressive. I do not compare myself to Justine. There is a small group of girls at the head of the hierarchy, of which I form part. I know that I can beat them, but undoubtedly is necessary it that I would be persuaded even of it.

- today you do say yourselves: the page is turned, I tackle a new chapter?
- I will know it at the time of the first matches. I think that I digested my disappointment. I have the impression of it at least, because the cut really helped me with that. But one can nothing affirm as long as there no were matches which prove it. I have this need to gain, to convince me that it is good. I smell myself again well in my play.

- Which are your top priority from now?
- To put all the assets on my side, and the side of the team to beat Spain. I believe that one has the means of them, and even as one can be considered potentially above, but that will not be easy. It will be an occasion for me to affirm me still more. Then, course on American round: Toronto, New Haven, the US Open one. The fact of having missed two Large Slam (Open of Australia and Wimbledon) does not favour me for the classification. For the place of number 1 that I aimed, it is compromised a little (laughter.) but that does not disturb me too much! I still will progress "

Jul 11th, 2003, 08:37 PM
thanks Linnie for posting this article :)

Jul 13th, 2003, 11:27 PM
So glad that amélie is recovering so fast :D hope she does really well at the HC saison :D :bounce:
Go amélie ! :bounce:

Jul 14th, 2003, 12:49 AM
Posting more news from linnie...


Mauresmo in all serenity.

Mauremo sets out again with the attack

De Sports.fr

Amélie Mauresmo is back. After more than one month of absence, the French n°1 will join again with the competition on 19 next July with Oviedo at the time of the quarterfinal of Fed Cup opposing France to Spain. Inventory of fixtures before this go significant.

Absent since a painful defeat (6-1, 6-2) in quarterfinal of Roland-Garros against Serena Williams, Amélie Muaresmo will rejouera as of the next week with the role of head of file of Blue against the team of Spain with the strong desire to forget this difficult period that it has just lived... Indeed, after its failure shingling in International France, the world n°6 was confronted again with a wound, a tear intercostale, which obliged it to give up the tournaments completely on grass of which most significant: Wimbledon.

A new campaign

That which had missed the great Australian appointment at the beginning of January because of its wound with the knee, intends to take a new departure. With this intention, it must forget its defeat of June, of which its captain, Guy Forget, judge who it "is not at all dramatic and [ but that ] belonged to his training" . The 24 year old player whose news "is rather good" , always according to Forget, could rest and call herself in question for the matches to come. Initially the Fed Cup July 19 and 20 then tournaments of Montreal [Toronto :roll: ], from which it is holding of the title, New Haven and finally the US Open one.

Mauresmo knows that the regularity and the desire will be key elements to find the rate/rhythm in which it was before its forced stop. To start this new cycle in her season, the Frenchwoman will profit from a recovery carefully within the team of France. Protege of Loïc Courteau has for it her excellent results of beginning of season with two finales with Open Gaz of France and Rome and a victory in Warsaw at the expense of Venus Williams. Amélie Mauresmo thus has sufficient bench marks to find its best level quickly.

Jul 18th, 2003, 03:14 PM
Good luck in fed cup Ameile :D

Aug 11th, 2003, 10:23 PM
did u know that Amelie was sitting in the captain's chair instead of Guy during doubles match in last Fed Cup vs Spain? :p
I have a pic of Amelie coaching Nathalie and Emilie and other 2 pix of Amelie joking with Guy,i'll scann them tomorrow for all of ya.

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here the pix i was talking about.sorry for the poor quality but i scanned them from tennis magazine.

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oh no, she's one of those who slaps you when you tell something funny :p:p lol :D Thank you very mutch for the pics lindsayfan :kiss:

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A delight lindsayfan! Thanks very much!! :D :D

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thanks for sharing Lindsayfan

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