View Full Version : Jen on the brink of defeat.

Jan 27th, 2002, 03:45 AM
In 1991, that epic semi-final with Seles. Was too much for her

But at Australia 2001, Cap was two points from losing in the first round...and at The French, she was just as close to losing. In Wimbledon, same thing (but she didnt go on to win that one) And of course, yesterday.

Being a Jen fan has not always been easy! I cant imagine how many gray hairs she has given her family watching her matches!

Again, congrats Jen!

Jan 27th, 2002, 03:48 AM
I think Jenn learned big time that anyone can come back from the dark depths of a match.

She but has only to look at that match with Venus :)

Jan 27th, 2002, 03:49 AM
By the way..... HI JENNY FAN! :p

*wonders if J F remembers who this looney is* :p

Jan 27th, 2002, 03:50 AM
Yup, I sure remember who you are...you started Jenns Den! Nice to see ya again!

Jan 27th, 2002, 03:56 AM

I was suprised (pleasantly so) to see Jen's player forums named Jenn's Den! :D

So... how ya been?

Jan 27th, 2002, 05:13 AM
I have been good...I missed the board...but I got a lot of work done! Lots of the same people around! I wonder why Sanex closed theirs

Jan 27th, 2002, 06:10 AM
Yes, being a Jennifer fan is not always easy. She has given me several heart attacks along the way. But they don't call her the comeback kid for nothing! After yesterday, I am a Jen fan with a few more gray hairs.

Jan 27th, 2002, 08:40 AM
J F, no idea. I had some PC probs for a bit, then when I went to go to theirs, it repeatedly said URL not found or down for maintenance, etc so I gave up.

'sup, Barrie Dude? :)

Jan 27th, 2002, 11:10 AM
Hey Warrior! Just the Christmas/New Year from hell story, ya know. What can I say?

Jan 27th, 2002, 01:08 PM
Sounds familiar!

I think 50% of the population has a good holiday season, and the rest of us have the crappy ones *L*