View Full Version : Why Venus and Serena and Lindsay Advance. (Later Rounds)

Jun 25th, 2003, 04:38 PM
Lindsay hasn't shown it that much since injury. But what these three players have always done. As much as they can blow their opponents off the court in the early rounds, they do not. Unlike what we tend to see from the Belgian Duo, Venus and Serena especially make rallies, you can tell that they are wanting to work on all shots during the entire tournie, but not peak to soon. Watching what I saw from like Kim and Justine, especially from Kim, although she really had no choice cuz her opponent was just giving her these balls that sit up right in the middle screaming hit a winner off me. Some of the other shots etc, there weren't that many rallies. Kim didn't get to hit that many shots that she has in her arcenal. Now Justine did get to hit some shots. She usually doesn't really just destroy her opponents. But she doesn't work on that many shots. Its like they have a game plan for the first week just to go out there and get off the courts as quick as they can.

Venus Serena and Lindsay have never really done this. Hell remeber when serena beat Babsi at the French. Although she double bagled her. She had about 50 times the amount of rallies that we saw from Kim's double bagle yesturday. Kim especially needs to try and work on all her shots in her game, especially in this first week. That way she will at least know she is capable and won't be having problems. She has shown over and over again in the later rounds, that she can and does crack when playing against the top players. And you can add to that point the fact that she doesn't rely on her game when playing like a Venus or Serena, she relies on theirs about 85% of the time. So thinking about her even trying to come up with the goods, if she hasn't done it that much at all earlier in the tournie it has to be very difficult just to all of a sudden come up with these type of shots in a match later in the tournie, and against a very tough opponent most likely.