View Full Version : Interesting 2nd round matches

Jun 25th, 2003, 05:18 AM
there are soooo many!
serena vs els- rena should win, but callens is a tough cokie on grass and gave her a run for her money last year.
nastya vs lina- i think myskina because of that backhand!
babs vs conchita- 2 veterans. both kinda need this. conchita should win.
mary vs eleni- no one will be criticizing mary about her shape...
sharapova vs bovina- 2 tall russians with very loud grunts. go masha!
shinobu vs daniela- interesting on many levels. shinobu is just off a title run, correct?
iroda vs petra- interesting maybe only to me... GO HUNGARY!
paola vs maggie- go maggie!

discuss em

Jun 25th, 2003, 05:27 AM
i think if lina loses it will be because of her serve as it wasn't working in round 1. i really hope she can pull this match out because then she would have a shot at the fourth round. i think one good run at a tournament is what she needs to get everything working and then she'll be a danger to the top players.

i hope daniela wins.

iroda vs. petra is also interesting to me. i roda has a great game when it is all working and can play like a top 15 maybe even a top 10 player on a good day. petra has really good groundies but her serve can be attacked. if iroda can get on top of mandula early i think she'll run through the match in straight sets but if she has trouble with petra's groundies then petra may just get through.