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Jun 23rd, 2003, 04:51 AM
So far I've had a couple of tennis dreams.
They were about the Williams sisters, strangely too, because I'm not a fan of theirs

The first one... (i had this dream two years back)
Serena was playing in the fourth round of Wimbledon (i dont know why i thought it was the fourth round, but i just knew it was) she was playing iroda and lost in the 3rd set. and no, i'm not an iroda fan, so i don't know how she came into my dream

to my shock, when the draw was released 2 days later, iroda was drawn to play serena in the 4th round. however, iroda lost in the 3rd round and there was no matchup.

The second one... (last week)
Venus lost 7-5 6-0 to justine at wimbledon too. This time though, i remember vaguely that the board said it was a FIRST ROUND. so there's no way this dream could happen too.

what about you?

Jun 23rd, 2003, 07:22 AM
I've had a lot of tennis dreams - though they all involve the men. I have such bizarre dreams that I've been trying to keep them in a journal - though I haven't been very diligent about it. Here's the tennis related dreams I've kept track of:

A while back I had the weirdest dream. In it, Yevgeny Kafelnikov was on the court against Tim Henman in front of a big crowd. During the match, I think Tim was arguing a call and ended up on YK's side of the court. Suddenly, YK held his open hand on the back of Tim's head and they stared really intensely into each other's eyes with a fierce expression on their faces. Tim jerked away and turned his back to YK and stood there for a moment, then he started walking away. After a few steps, YK sort of ran after him, grabbed Tim's shoulder, pulled him partway around and punched him into the body. They ended up on the ground together and that was the end of my dream.

Last night I had another weird dream involving Yevgeny. This time, he was trudging through the snow in what looked like the corner of the park in my hometown in Minnesota. He was wearing one of those hats with the fur ear flaps, a big jacket, and he had a newspaper bag slung over his shoulder, across his chest. It looked like he was doing the same paper route that I used to do. As he neared the corner of the park, where there is an opening in the fence, Michael Barkann was there waiting for him with a microphone. Yevgeny stopped for the interview. Barkann asked Yevgeny about his daughter and suddenly, Yevgeny pulls the baby out from nowhere. I don't know if it was from the newspaper bag or under his coat or just
from thin air. The baby had blue eyes and a big smile on her face. I can't remember for sure, but I think she also had a mouth full of white teeth, even though she was still really little. Then Barkann said to
Yevgeny, "Your wife Mascha is trying to promote a match with Don King's help. Is this (referring to the baby) going to be one of your qualifications?" Then Yevgeny says, "actually, this is probably going to
be the reason for me to not do it."

May 2001
I had a dream about Yevgeny. All I remember about it was that he was hanging his head as he was walking off the court and I was really disappointed because I was sure he was going to win the match.

I had a second dream the same night, but this time it was involving Juan-Carlos Ferrero. He asked me out and I was really surprised because I heard about how beautiful his girlfriend was. We started dating, and I
especially remember us discussing a camping trip as we were taking a walk along a gravel road. We wanted to go by ourselves, but one of my friends, Daria Morgendorfer (yes, the cartoon), wanted to go with and we debated over various options until we decided that we'd tell her to invite her boyfriend, Tom, so we could each have our own tents. Later, we got married. I then was talking to movie people who were offering him a role and I turned it down. Later, we got into an argument because I turned down the movie without telling him. He was wearing a nice jacket and we were both holding drinks. Also, instead of himself, he sounded and spoke like Jude Law. I'm not sure, but I think the argument was also about me becoming an alcoholic. Then, we divorced. The dream ended with him ending up in the same class as
me. He was sitting behind me and we got to talking before class was starting. The teacher walked in and started talking about seating arrangements. He said "I'll separate you two, I know you guys are
splittsville." Then Juan-Carlos said, "No, that's all right."

Weird thing is, I've always been kind of indifferent to Ferrero. Maybe I've subconsciously become a fanatic. I'm guessing the reason I'm dreaming about him was because he's being discussed so much leading into the French Open. I'm guessing that the reason he sounded like Jude Law is because I just saw
THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY a few days ago. I'm thinking the reason I dreamed about Daria was because MTV keeps promoting the season premier.

Ryan was shot by the Mob. He came to work limping and with an arm in a bandage. Apparently, I had written a letter to the mob using a Raleigh, NC address. One of Ryan’s friends was from Raleigh, NC. I asked him why they’d go after him. He said “because of what gets imported to him”.
I said, “sorry for putting you in danger”
He said, “that’s alright”
Later, we went to go home. It was night and the lot was fi8lled with cars, though that didn’t seem strange to us. As Ryan was unlocking his car, a Hispanic man with long, kinky black hair and a mustache got out of his car and shot him twice with a handgun. I ran to him but ducked behind Ryan’s car. The man seemed to not notice or not care and went back in his car smiling.
Later, a few girls, a medic, and a policeman were around his body. I kept wailing, “Oh my god! It’s all my fault! Don’t Die! Please don’t die!”. His body was wrapped in a blanket and I thought I saw him with his head up and smiling, but the next time I looked, it was the head of a medic crouching behind. Then I touched him and asked if he was already dead and the medic said “yes”.
Then, Sylvia Brown, the famous psychic, comes into the scene and says, “Pete Sampras would never have been happy. Giving speeches and making appearances doesn’t amount to the glory of winning a tournament. People expect me to help them cross over, but I can’t.”

I had two dreams about Albert Costa but can’t remember what happened.

6-2 - 2003 - drifting in and out of sleep while watching the French Open
1. Guillermo Coria was playing one of his long points and all of a sudden he stops short because there is a skinny middle aged man on the side of the court. The guy keeps walking toward Coria and Coria keeps backing away until he gets to the other net post and on the side of the court. The man then just walks off the court.

2. Guga was struggling in his match against Robredo and he either fell or he was just getting up from the changeover. His hat is off and the front half of his head is shaved with the back half being really long - sort of like Bozo the clown. The he puts his hat back on.

Jun 23rd, 2003, 07:33 AM
mostly my dreams always mean the opposite but during the french open I dreamt twice that kim was bageled by justine and then it happened:(

Jun 23rd, 2003, 07:42 AM
I had a dream a couple of weeks back.

I was watching wimbledon on Television (2003) and Daniela Hantuchova was playing, her first rnd match, and lost it. Then they brang a score from an outside court on and Jelena Dokic had defeated Babara Rittner 6-2 6-1. Then they showed a doubles match with Serena & Dani playing somebody. And Serena and Dani were losing and Serena was getting mad at Daniela!

Jun 23rd, 2003, 08:10 AM
maybe Poe needs to shut down this message board again....you guys need full rehabilitation already.:devil:

Jun 23rd, 2003, 08:12 AM
maybe Poe needs to shut down this message board again....you guys need full rehabilitation already.:devil:

it's true. I will start this afternoon :cool:

Jun 23rd, 2003, 08:28 AM
LOL I just had a dream about you irma.:devil:

Jun 23rd, 2003, 08:29 AM
and what was it about?

Jun 23rd, 2003, 08:34 AM
oh noooo....it's R-18.;):p

Jun 23rd, 2003, 08:37 AM
I need to discuss this when I start rehabiliation this afternoon :p

Jun 23rd, 2003, 09:58 AM
ok...you really need to be stronger, you were very tired in my dream.:D

Jun 23rd, 2003, 10:18 AM
it's true I am very tired so tired that I don't even know anymore that I am tired :o

Jun 23rd, 2003, 10:29 AM
Seriously..... YOU are fuck up :o .... its OKAy to have a dream :) ... but DO NOT TALK DOWN on the WILLIams :fiery: ... cause they are my IDOL.... Write something funny, not racisme... :o .....

I DONT LIKE YOUR story or dream... ITs jinx... :o

anyway :kiss: