View Full Version : Who has PLaystation 2? Grand Theft Auto!

Jan 24th, 2002, 10:02 PM
Anyone have a PS2? Do you have Grand Theft Auto?! THat game is soooo fun! I also cannto wait for the Climax Tennis: WTA tennis game coming out next month!

Jan 24th, 2002, 11:06 PM
Yup! I got it! It's shocking!...............but great!

I aint so good on it though, I'm only on the second island, stuck on "Arms Shortage" mission. Why is that Ray Machowski guy in a public toilet? And isn't the sniper rifle just the coolest? I want one! But only to shoot at... traffic cones.

I posted a similar thread here, I don't think many people on here have it, they're a soft lot on this board, one spot of blood and they get all squeamish ;)

Jan 24th, 2002, 11:09 PM
By the way, what's your fave radio station on it? My faves are Chatterbox (the Fernando Martinez guy is hilarious "It will be a miracle... I guarantee it"), and Jah Radio "Let no man mess wid' me business.... me business is yardie business"

Jan 24th, 2002, 11:36 PM
Hehe, yeah... I am in the thrid part of the city...Arms shortage...I just stood near that guy and blew up everything (keeping him alive)

That game amuses me everytime I load it up! My favorite radio is chatterbox, too. I like the commercial where the lady says, "Ive tried everything to lose weight: I have had my mouth sewn, my hands cut off, you name it, I've done it!" and her husband says, "except excercise and eating right, isnt that true, honey?"

Jan 25th, 2002, 02:51 AM
"Dont be fat a day longer than you have to, order the Dormitron today! Dial 1-500 SLEEP-OFF-LARD, or visit www.sleepofflard.com"

On Arms Shortage there is a rocket launcher on top of a container, but I dunno how to get to it. Did you use the Uzi to take em out and a few grenades on the cartel cruisers?

One gripe I have about the game is that, no matter what car u drive, when u go through Portland you get shot at at any angle by Mafia and Triads. I mean, how the hell do they know it's you if you're driving that quick, in a Triad Fish van or Mafia Sentinel?

But yeah it's quality... cant wait to fly this Dodo plane thing, I know someone who has flown it for 35 seconds

Jan 25th, 2002, 08:02 PM
Rocket launcher...why not steal a van and park it next to the crate, jump up on the van, then to the rocket launcher? can you do that? I dont remember if I did or not.

Yeah, I hate how they know who I am just by driving down the road. I can understand once i get out of the car or if I circle around, but come on!

Hehe. I like driving up to people, shooting their car and follow them as they speed through streetsm killing innocent people until they run themselves off the road or their car crashed and they die. SO FUNNY!

Jan 25th, 2002, 08:06 PM
Hey joey, how come your name says "not a power junkie" how did you do that?! Tell me or I'll carjack you! JK

Jan 25th, 2002, 08:29 PM
Member priveleges :) I was one of the first few to join this board, so we get customisable tags, but we cant like say "Admin" or "Owner"...... or "God"

Carjack me then! I havent got a car! So that means I'm a pedestrian... now who can I be

Oh, remember, "Being fat can even ruin a romantic cruise"

Jan 25th, 2002, 09:43 PM
Why don't you get the Maibatsu Monstrosity?! I think you need a car that can seat 12! So what if it gets 3 miles to the gallon? you're a tennis player, not a conservationist!

Jan 26th, 2002, 02:48 AM
sounds fun.....apprently its been banned in aus but is getting a re-release in mid February!

maybe ill rent it first to see it its good...so what the point of it? you just go around killing people and cause total carnage?...lol :angel:

Jan 26th, 2002, 03:17 AM
Whatever floats your boat really! But the whole aim of the game is to do missions...

You start off with a cut-scene of a bank robbery, and you see your character killing some bloke and running through this alley. Then your girlfriend turns behind and says "I'm an ambitious girl, and you are just small time", then she shoots you! So, you are then arrested (newspaper front page explains), then, you hear this radio news report about a Police enforcer van being stopped over a bridge by two vans, and the prisoners being released, which you are one of... however a bomb is dropped off by one of the vans (driven by the Colombian Cartel who become your enemies during the game), and blows the bridge up. Then the game begins!

The whole point of the game is basically to work for different organisations, the plot goes along with the game and has many surprises. The game is so big, you can complete all the missions, but there are other things in it you have to do to finish it 100%. It truly is a massive game, You can run people over and cause carnage as much as you like, i just prefer to get the missions done.

Jan 26th, 2002, 04:59 AM
OMG I WANT THIS GAME!! But right now I'm playing FF10 and SSX which are also great games. :) And of course I'm waiting for that WTA tour game that I've been dying to get! :mad: :D

Jan 26th, 2002, 06:07 AM
cool , it seems rather non-linear which i prefer

Jan 26th, 2002, 06:20 AM
<font size=1>so many games but i don't know if i should get the NTSC/ J or U/C?

SM: what format is the PS2 in Oz? PAL?

Jan 27th, 2002, 05:23 AM
This game is great for everyone-except maybe Caltholics and those under 17. It is kinda disturbing, but it is over the top and just oh so fun!