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Jun 8th, 2003, 12:18 AM
Birmingham draw

Evie Dominikovic - 3rd round losing to Dementieva - Evie has shown promising signs and will hpefully win till the 3rd round looking at her draw its ok so goodluck to ya evie

Nicole Pratt - 2nd round losing to Widjaja - Pratt has no power in her game sorry pratty :( but you have very strong will power and you fight your hardest so COME ON pratty :D

Alicia Molik - Final- judging by her draw she has it pretty easy she loves grass her big sreve will serve her well and thats why i reckon she will do really well

3 peeps in the qualifing probely most chance is with samantha good luck to the aussie quallies

Jun 8th, 2003, 06:16 AM
i agree with you on pratt azza - 2nd round loss to Widjaja

Evie will probably go down to Bartoli in the 2nd round

Alicia I'm seeing losing to Raymond in the 3rd round i'm afraid...hopefully she can go a little further, but it simply means she has to lose to Eleni in the QFs!

Jun 8th, 2003, 07:35 AM
Evie is too unpredictable, her draw is a good one, but she could go out in any round really. With Evie a lot depends on how she starts a match, if she gets off to a fast start usually she can get a win.

Pratt losing to Widjaja?????? I dont think so!!!!!!!! She already beat Widjaja this year on hardcourt, a slower surface!! Sure Nicole aint the most powerful player but she has more power than Widjaja! I think Nicole with have more trouble against Callens, thats a far tougher match for her! If she can get through that Angelique will be a piece of cake for her!

Molik has a difficult draw, Tanasugarn loves grass and if Molik isnt serving her best tammy will win. Hope to see Molik go far but she's lost her last 4 matches!!!!