View Full Version : the funny thing about venus and serena

Jun 6th, 2003, 07:48 PM
ranking wise, and head to head, one would definitely say serena is the better of the two.

yet, the players that serena has problems with: henin, clijsters, mauresmo, and even capriati, get beaten pretty badly by venus most of the time. what does this mean?? i dont get it.

i know tennis is not about a beats b, b beats c, therefore c must lose to a=that's not how it works. but still, it's baffling. how could venus lose so easily to serena everytime yet seem invincible (when she's healthy) to all these others who beat serena??

is it her presence? her intimidation factor? or is she simply being the good older sis and letting serena win?

anyway, after this week, i have newfound love for the williams sisters. why is it that when a player starts to lose i like them?? do i need to see a goddamn shrink?why can't i cheer for the favorites??

your thoughts?

Jun 6th, 2003, 08:22 PM
Well, hollywood, you neglect to mention that the people that Serena has just walked over, Venus has trouble with... like Lindsay, Hingis (very close with Ree but she leads the h2h) and one other player I can't remember. It's really about how their game lines up against each player. Obviously, Serena enjoys a weak second serve... that is her shot to pounce on. Venus, Hingis (when she was around) and Lindsay constantly fed Serena these shots. They usually don't try to mix it up and stick to one kinda game and not use a lot of slice. I think Venus feeds on the slice offered by Kim, Justine, Mauresmo, etc. while it frustrates Serena.