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May 15th, 2003, 09:23 PM
[4] Amelie Mauresmo (FRA) vs. [5] Jennifer Capriati (USA)
2001-05-07 Berlin Clay F Amelie Mauresmo (FRA) 6-4 2-6 6-3
2001-08-27 U.S. Open Hardcourt QF Jennifer Capriati (USA) 6-3 6-4
2002-01-14 Australian Open Hardcourt QF Jennifer Capriati (USA) 6-2 6-2
2002-05-13 Rome Clay QF Jennifer Capriati (USA) 6-2 3-6 6-4
2002-06-24 Wimbledon Grass QF Amelie Mauresmo (FRA) 6-3 6-2
2002-08-12 Montreal Hardcourt F Amelie Mauresmo (FRA) 6-4 6-1
2002-08-26 U.S. Open Hardcourt QF Amelie Mauresmo (FRA) 4-6 7-6(5) 6-3
Amelie leads 4-3, winning last 3 in a row
on cla it's tied 1:1,

Amelie at 23 is still seeking her 1st Rome title
after reaching F here 2 times in a row,
she was beated by Jen at the same place same time last yr,
while Jen, at 27, is still seeking her 1st title in 03,
with this rematch of last yr's QF, Amelie will be seeking her
revenge, while Jen will make sure she repeats her last yr's win over Amelie

May 15th, 2003, 09:24 PM
go jenny you can do it! :):):)

May 15th, 2003, 10:14 PM
Jenny in 3 sets! Jen will want revenge for last year's losses!

May 16th, 2003, 12:30 AM
Go Jen.:)

May 16th, 2003, 12:45 AM
Tough to call. Certainly, IMO, Jen is playing better then the three times Amelie beat her last year. Amelie has had an weird year, with injury...while Jen has been consistent since Australia.

It's a cointoss, IMO.

May 16th, 2003, 04:46 AM
ITs a Toss up...

Amelie doesn't really play her serve and volley game on clay...and thats what she used to beat Capriati 3 times in a row..I will like to see If she plays Jen from the baseline..or If she will mix it up with the serve and volley.

May 16th, 2003, 05:15 AM
Amelie, in all likely hood, will win

Jcap seems to have mental blocks against some of theh higher ranked players

May 16th, 2003, 07:42 AM
MoMo will win

May 16th, 2003, 08:18 AM
Hopefully Jennifer wins. She needs that breakthrough that she finally wins against a player that's higher ranked. I mean she has had so many close matches with the other top-players this year, I expect it to go her way one of those times and hopefully that day has come today.

Good luck to Jennifer!

May 16th, 2003, 08:25 AM
Jenn will win this.....it will definitely bring up her morale....

May 16th, 2003, 08:37 AM
I think Jenny is going to win this one as long as she does'nt start to play crap or get nervous or down on herself, which happened in Montreal and Wimby (credit to Amelie was just better in US Open)

May 16th, 2003, 09:34 AM
I believe Jenn in a tight three-setter. Go Jenn :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

White Stripes
May 16th, 2003, 11:12 AM
jen will win! it's time for a revenge!

May 16th, 2003, 11:53 AM
I want Jenny to take revenge !

Go Jennifer !