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May 8th, 2003, 06:49 PM
(Berlin newspaper article translated with Babelfish from the sport page at www.tagesspiegel.de, not very good translation but should be readable)

Tagesspiegel 8 May 2003

On Her Own Tour

Swiss Patty Schnyder Holds More from Boyfriend than from Coaches

von Benedikt Voigt, Berlin.

For Patty Schnyder in this days is not simple, to find someone, with whom to make training. “I look before a tournament on the play plan and to see who does not have a match, or who plays in the same time,” the Tennisspielerin from Switzerland says. The 24-year old has no more coach, since in April she from Hubert Choudry separated. “By mutual agreement,” Schnyder says. “He agreed not completely with what I am doing.” Since then she must trouble herself about her own sparring partners. But it seems to her that life without a coach is not to make a fuss about. “My boyfriend always travels along with me,” Schnyder says. Exactly that could be her problem.

Patty Schnyder has an inclination to difficult life-partners. Four years ago she went together with the Fitness and nourishing advisor Rainer Harnecker. In the consequence it lost three to four kilograms weight and dropped back in the world rank list somewhat gradually. With her friends and parents she broke the contact off.

As she separated from Harnecker, her father William Schnyder engaged the then 31-year-old detective Rainer Hofmann, in order to employ determinations against the former boyfriend of his daughter. Soon thereafter Patty Schnyder and the detective were a pair. And today they are still.

With her first match in Berlin, which won Schnyder against the Belgian Els Callens, Hofmann stood in a yellow t-Shirt in the third row and feared for with his girl-friend. From time to time he ignited himself nervously a cigarette. “I know always where he is while in a game,” Schnyder says. From time to time she sends a look in his direction.

The relationship with her parents did not improve with the new boyfriend. In fact the the opposite. “No more relationship have I to my parents, too much has happened,” Patty Schnyder says. More than once Rainer Hofmann and Wilhelm Schnyder argued in court. “Something still goes on,” Patty Schnyder says to the topic of legal proceedings, she would however not like to speak more in greater detail with it. The Basel Zeitung newspaper reported that Rainer Hofmann was to be convicted because of fraud, falsification of documents and title arrogance in Germany validly, but Rainer Hofmann admits that not.

The close relationship to her boyfriend affects also her sport development. “My boyfriend always travels along with me,” Schnyder says. A coach has difficulty to hold territory in this such closed symbiotic union. In the meantime the 24-year old believes she can get along without a coach. “I have very much experience,” she says, “I know myself wherefrom the errors can arise.”

At present she the world rank list leads Swiss on rank 20, in Berlin she round three reached. Her best placement in the world rank list, rank eight, dates however from the spring 1999. That was still, before Harnecker and Hofmann stepped as partners into her life.

May 9th, 2003, 05:34 AM
Patty needs to lose some extra weight
to go further in her tennis career mainly,

Rainer Hofmann!!!!!

May 9th, 2003, 06:07 AM
what do i care, she is about due anyways......:)

May 9th, 2003, 07:07 AM
Patty needs to lose some extra weight
to go further in her tennis career mainly,

Rainer Hofmann!!!!!

are you kidding? patty carries no fat. when she was at her best she was chubby, then she got really thin and was shit, and now she is solid and can play really well at times. the last thing patty needs to change is her physique again because that will mean she will have to adjust once more. patty needs somebody to knock some sense into her, because rainer hoffman the private detective/financier/criminal is not going to take patty any further in her career. patty doesn't necessarily need a coach to tell her how to pay, because it's all natural, but she needs a coach to tell her to get her shit together and to switch into tennis mode as soon as she walks on court. there is too much crap in patty's life for her to ever get back to the level she should have been consisantly at ie top 8.

May 9th, 2003, 07:16 AM
It was a joke- the weight is Rainer Hoffman!!!
Get it??

May 9th, 2003, 07:35 AM
yeah sorry, i thought you might have been saying that, it was just the way you wrote it made me unsure. i couldn't be bothered editing my post once i recognised that you might have been saying that. i didn't think anyone in thei right mind would say patty carried weight.

May 9th, 2003, 05:53 PM
Green - you seem like a seasoned Patty supporter. Why don't you come and hang out in the forum at patty-schnyder.com once in a while? There are always a few people posting in there when Patty has a tournament going on. :wavey: