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May 8th, 2003, 05:42 AM
On own tour
The Swiss Patty Schnyder thinks more of friends than from coach

Originally written in German by Von Martin E. Hiller

Source in German : Der Tagesspiegel
08 May 2003

For Patty Schnyder, it is not simple to find somebody, that coach with her. . One looks on the program before a tournament and looks, whoever doesn't have any game or plays at the same time", the tennis player from Switzerland says. The 24-year old one doesn't have any more coach since she parted with Hubert Choudry in April. ., Schnyder says, in mutual agreement". hedidn't agree, with that, what I do". since then, she must try to obtain herself savings ring partners. Nevertheless, the life seems you to amount not much without trainers. . My friend always travels with". exactly that could be he problem.

Patty Schnyder has a tendency to difficult Lebenspartnern. Four years ago, she lived with the 22 year older fitness - and nutritional advisor Rainer Harnecker together. Wunderheiler or sect boss were called herbecause he believed, also heavy illnesses like cancer with vitamin C therapy, to can reindeer. Kilo manner towed Harnecker oranges into the player hotel at that time. Patty Schnyder should drink up to three liters of orange juice and itself vegan nourishes. She lost three to four kilograms of weight in the consequence, and fell back gradually into the world chart. She broke off the contact with her friends and parents. As she parted with Harnecker, her father Wilhelm Schnyder engaged the at that time 31-year old detective Rainer Hofmann in order to make inquiries about hisdaughter's former friend. Soon, Patty Schnyder and the detective were one pair on it. And it is still today.

At hefirst match in Berlin, that Schnyder won against the Belgian Els Callens, Hofmann stood in a bang-yellow T-shirt in the third row and worried with his. Now and then, he fired himself a cigarette nervously. . I always know "where he is with a game", Schnyder says. Now and then, she sends a gaze into his direction.

The relationship to her parents didn't improve itself with the new friend. In the opposite. . I don't have any more relationship to my parents, too much happened", Patty Schnyder says. More than once argued Rainer Hofmann and Wilhelm Schnyder lawfully for itself. . There is still something", Patty Schnyder says legal proceedings to the topic, would like to enter not on it nearer, however. This. Basler newspaper" reported, that Rainer Hofmann should be sentenced final for deceit, document forgery and title usurpation in Germany, Rainer Hofmann disputes this.

The close relationship to her friend influences also her athletic development. . My friend always travels with", Schnyder says. A trainer has heavily asserting itself/themselves in this symbiotic system. Meanwhile, the 24-year old one believes to cope also without coach. . I have very much experience", she/it says. I even know where mistakes can creep in. presently, the world chart leads the Swiss on position 20, in Berlin, shereached round three. However, her best positioning in the world chart, position eight, dates from the spring 1999. That still was before Harnecker and Hofmann entered into her life as a partner.

May 8th, 2003, 05:59 AM
ok that article was very informative (or confusing). at first i thought it was PR thing trying to show how nice hoffman is and that he isn't really a criminal, but that line seemed to come out of left field, although it is right on the mark. ultimately, however, i am afraid if harnecker or hoffman didn't come along, she just would have found some other nut-case to wreck her career!