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May 7th, 2003, 07:08 AM
Unalike doubles
Navratilova is 46, Kuznetsova 17. They play tennis together successfull

Originally written in German by Von Helen Ruwald

Source in German : Der Tagesspiege
07 May 2003

The past wear a sleeveless turquoise-lilac Top with same color shorts and has the cap inversely around on the head, as small boys do it, that especially cool his wants. The future wears a red top with sleeves and a white little skirt. The peaked cap looks neatly forward. The future looks sooner so as one imagines a tennis player with the German Open on the Centre Court. Maybe the past is so shrilly and notably dressed, about also clear-deliver optically that she has another existence entitlement. The past is called Martina Navratilova, is 46 years old and won 167 singles - and 166 double titles in her/ career on the WTA-Tour. She achieved the first double title at a Grand Slam tournament at the side of Chris Evert near the French Open in 1975 - ten years, before the future was born. She is called Swetlana Kuznetsowa, is 17 years old, youth world master of 2001 and can refer on two singles - and five double titles with the ladies.

Past plus future yields a successful present. Together, the russisch/amerikanische team gained Coast the Australian gold beginning of the year and in Dubai. Also at the first appearance on the Monday evening in Berlin, the two ones were successful and beat Marion Bartoli/Marissa Irvin in a hour of inning 6:3, 6:1.

If a 17-year old one plays with a 46-year old one, must the young not run doubly so much there because the old drags on comparatively lamentably over the place? Doesn't need to be. The past is nimble and nimble namely, the present seems almost chubby beside it. The young girl is one centimeter bigger, 1,74 meters, as which lady of the tennis Grande, but eight kilos heavy. SheNavratilova 65, weighs 73 kilos.

The one wants to conquer the world, that wants others, last protects. Also therefore maybe offered Navratilova, that explained the resignation of the resignation two years ago, (. old is only one number", the 29 years of younger colleague common double appearances at. Kuznetsowa, that trains in Barcelona in the tennis school of the former double specialist Emilio Sanchez, gained 2002 the side of the sister Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario three titles, at the tournament in Rome, the two Navratilova defeated and Serena William. As Sanchez-Vicario finished her career, Navratilova immediately responded. . I rather would have Swetlana on my side of the network", she quoted. From the future a Navratilova doesn't want to let herself beat. Anyway not yet.

It has more experience than I" one million marks, Swetlana Kuznetsowa told the cooperation at the beginning. However before one whether she doesn't have to be afraid of her mistakes of grumbling partner. If Kuznetsowa stands with the lapel, Navratilova of the network speeds back and still gives to her/it/them a tip fast.

Kuznetsowa is busy with itself and the match, Navratilova has time for show. First, she/it plays back the ball through the legs, first, she/it calls in German. health" into the public, as a spectator sneezes.

Kuznetsowa is good, but she is window-dressing. There it happens wonderfully that the match point is Navratilova for reservations on Monday. Afterwards, she gives autographs, her Mitspielerin holds on to her sport bag and approaches the fans only hesitantly. Then, she vanishes in the catacombs. Navratilova still remains on the Court. The future doesn't have still any chance.