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May 5th, 2003, 09:24 PM
The strong Anca Barna struggled quite slowly upward
Written in German by Von Stefan Hermanns

Source in German : Der Tagesspiegel
06 May 2003

The strong Anca Barna struggled quite slowly upward. She is Deuschlands zurzeit best tennis player of Stefan Hermanns Berlin. Germany's best tennis player enjoys certain privileges. With the German Open for example, she can dispute the Erf?ffnungsspiel on the big Centre Court. . That always is something particular", Anca Barna says. That everything still is quite uncommon for her: , to be the number one of the German tennis, to play like on the Centre Court as well. . And the weather also is very beautiful, Barna says. There it doesn't do anything that counted 187 spectators sit exactly on the 7000 chairs around at its 6:4, 6:2-Sieg against the Spaniard Anabel Medina Garrigues the place themselves. . In the first days, that is normal, Barna says that on a big Court, this simply then looks extremely empty. . If the game had been on a smaller place, would have been" the not at all so few observer, she/it says.

With small places, Anca Barna is familiar. There she/it normally plays although she is led as a best German tennis player at present and something similar is with it like the successor of Claudia Kohde, Sylvia Hanika and Steffi Graf. Actually, this everything says about the current value the Germanizes lady tennis. Barna lies on place 73 in the new world chart, and if she/it had gotten game Card as a German foyer master of the organizer for the German Open none, she/it even would have to have suffered through the qualification. After all: From the three Germans, that played already yesterday, she/it is the single, that moves into the second round.

Anca Barna probably is the most unknown number one, that ever had the German lady tennis. Already since 1992, she/it plays on the tour, and the most time moved he for itself between the places 150 and 300. It is only in the last both years one little upward gone, at first under the best hundred of the world, then barely at the Top 50 along. Her game against Medina Garrigues was something like a short summary of her entire career: The first sentence lasted almost one hour, twice Barna with a Break went in leadership, twice she lost her own lapel immediately afterwards. Everything is fairly solidly with the born Romanian, who had fled to Germany as child with her parents, a little unspectacular and sometimes also somewhat tough.

. Today very much is tennis beyond the physical", Anca Barna says. She has very thin poor. Her 55 kilograms of weight verfl?chtigen itself on 1,75 meters of height. In the press conference, she is asked about strength training and correct nutrition. She answers, that she did very much in the physical area in the last year, but that is also a disposition matter. . I will never look likely like Venus William so no matter how much strength training I do."

Next week, Anca Barna turns 26. She/it runs off already because of her age no more than the big German tennis hope, after which all the ones ones, that market this sport, lust. But because there is not any young big German tennis hope at the moment either, Barna senses that the attention turns more strongly towards her as in the past. . Surely more pressure is there, she says. . Earlier, I could play relaxed, there this interested" nobody. meanwhile, it is 187 people after all.

May 6th, 2003, 12:55 AM
aww bless!

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May 6th, 2003, 05:24 AM
nice article. I didn't know Barna was a native Romanian too. I read that Marlene Weingartner was also born in Romania.

Brian Stewart
May 6th, 2003, 08:49 AM
Nice to see she's handling the pressure, even if she did lose her lapel twice. :)