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Apr 26th, 2003, 07:28 PM
Here are the points the British top 5 have to defend before Wimbledon arrives. (Not including Wimbledon)

Elena Baltacha
5th May = 1 point
12th May = 1 point
19th May = 1 point
9th June = 1 point
16th June = 1 point
23rd June = 6 points

TOTAL = 11 points to defend.

Anne Keothavong
28th Apr = 4.5 points
5th May = 1 point
12th May = 6 points
19th May = 1 point
9th June = 1 points
16th June = 1 point
23rd June = 1 point

TOTAL = 15.5 points to defend.

Julie Pullin
28th Apr = 8 points
5th May = 45 points
12th May = 17.5 points
26th May = 1 point
9th June = 2 points
16th June = 44 points
23rd June = 8 points

TOTAL = 134.5 points to defend.

Lucie Ahl
5th May = 1 point
12th May = 6.5 points
19th May = 1 point
26th May = 3.25 points
9th June = 2 points
16th June = 18 points
23rd June = 1 point

TOTAL = 32.75 points to defend

Jane O'Donoghue
5th May = 9 points
12th May = 0 points
19th May = 11 points
9th June = 5.5 points
16th June = 1 point
23rd June = 1 point

TOTAL = 27.5 points to defend.

Both Sarah Borwell (35.25) & Amanda Janes (15.75) have no points to defend before Wimbledon, so will both be looking to improve their current rankings of 429 and 620, respectively.

So that would mean, rankings wise;

168 (157) = Elena Baltacha with 190.5 points
181 (169) = Anne Keothavong with 173.25 points
236 (206) = Lucie Ahl with 107.25 points
312 (254) = Jane O'Donoghue with 64.75 points
416 (182) = Julie Pullin with 38.5 points

Apr 26th, 2003, 11:19 PM
God they all need to gain some points then.

Anne has little considering that grass is a good surface for her she should gain loads by the end of wimbledon!

Apr 27th, 2003, 02:19 PM
a few of your totals are added up correctly and missing/have to much poitns for certain weeks.

Apr 27th, 2003, 02:33 PM
Lucie Ahl's total is wrong according to your stats hers should be 32ish

Apr 27th, 2003, 05:42 PM
And i used a calculator :o

Anyway, the idea of this is to get a rough idea of what their rankngs could be like by Wimbledon, and is not a 100% accurate assessment of the situation :angel:

Apr 28th, 2003, 06:17 AM
LOL.....11 pts to defend....:D
man, she needs to prepare for it.....:D

Apr 28th, 2003, 11:17 AM
I'm hoping that Anne and Elena really kick ass in the grass court season.They are more than capable of it starting with an all british surbiton final then a win or two in Birmingham a few wins in eastbounre quallies and hopefully a win in wimbledon fro each of them!

Apr 28th, 2003, 09:27 PM
I think all these players will be way better this grass season, especially Julie, Anne, and Elena!

Apr 28th, 2003, 10:06 PM
Because Julie is playing on grass in Japan, she may be able to defend some of those points, even though she will play the second seed (Saori Obata) in round 1.

Colin B
Apr 29th, 2003, 04:18 PM
AHH YESS the hallowed Grass Court Season - four (4) WTA tournaments out of (I'm guessing here) fifty events during the tour year, two of which run concurrently - the annual British Tennis binge. :(

High hopes of British success, usually, sadly, dashed on the rocks as we learn once again, that whilst most players see it as an anachronistic quirk, existing only because of the tradition of Wimbledon, they still manage to beat the crap out of us. :mad:

And yes! Occasional success (Sam Smith r.4, Bally r.3), but what then..... "Oh shit, no more Grass Court Season"..........until next year when the whole embarrassing fiasco starts again. :o
Grass: I'd love to see all British players banned from going near the stuff until they have proved their worth on at least one other surface (although I shall continue to wholeheartedly support them on whatever surface they play). :rolleyes:

Sorry about the rant; feeling better now. :cool:

Apr 30th, 2003, 04:32 PM
Next Week Julie's ranking will drop to around 232, after losing in the first round at Gifu :sad:

Apr 30th, 2003, 05:43 PM
very few players relish the grass season nowadays, most of our players are much happier on hardcourts.

Our grass court brigade is largely gone now.